Different Types Of Window Treatments

Window treatments are the types of coverings used on the windows. Most of the treatments are aesthetically sound and functional too. They are mainly used for serving various purposes. They are used for blocking the sunlight, providing the required privacy, for insulation and for decorative purposes. Since they are found in various types, you have to choose them according to their specific functions. Some of the most commonly used window treatments are blinds, shades, curtains, valances and sheers etc. You can purchase these items from your home improvement stores, department stores or even the home design boutiques.

Different Types of Window Treatments

Blinds: They are very functional window treatments that are used in home and offices too. They are very stylish and provide a clean and neat appearance to the rooms. They are made of large panels with rows of slats. They can be opened or closed by using a rope pulley. You can decide how much light you want by opening or closing the blinds according to your requirements. They are made of different materials ranging from wood to plastic. They are available in various sizes, colors and shades. Another thing about the blinds is that the slats can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

Shades: Another type of window treatment is the shades that function like the blinds. They are mainly used for their function rather than style. They are usually made of different kinds of fabrics that are cut according to the shape of the windows. They can be easily pulled up or down to block the light and insulate. Different types of fabrics used to make the shades are canvas, plastic, bamboo etc. You can also include other operational features like the roll-up sprocket mechanism for retracting the shades quickly. One of the most popular types of shades that is used for decoration is the Roman shades. When retracted the shades move to form a tiered arrangement on the top.

Curtains: These are one of the most common types of window treatments. They are available in numerous varieties and styles. Curtains are usually hung from curtain rods that are placed above the window frames. The rods are meant for making the movements of the curtains easy. Different kinds of fabrics can be used to make the curtains. You can choose from silk, cotton, satin, suede etc. You can also add different kinds of embellishments to the curtains to make them more attractive. Use tiebacks if you want to open the curtains and let the light in. Curtains add a special visual appeal to the rooms.

Valances: Valances are different types of fabrics used on the window frame for decorative purposes. They can be use d along with curtains to provide additional effect. They can also be used with other types of window treatments like blinds, shades etc. They provide a dramatic effect to the atmosphere and are usually used in formal settings, in parlors, dining and music rooms etc.

Sheers: This type of treatment is mainly used for decorative purpose. You can use them in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Sheers are usually used in rooms where more light is required. The sheer and lace treatments are very common in art studios, kitchens etc. This treatment is not used in bedrooms as they do not have the capacity to block the light.

Cornices: They are padded boxes covered with fabric and trim. The edge and the bottom of the boxes can be shaped in various ways. They can be used on the top portion of the windows and are good for concealing the mounted hardware.

With so many options of window treatments available you can easily choose the style that is suitable for your home or office. Before buying the appropriate treatment it is better to take proper measurements to get perfect fitting treatments. Try to buy matching colors according to your interior decor. The treatments should also complement other accessories in your home. By adding appropriate window treatments you can transform the whole look and feel of the atmosphere. Take proper care of the treatments so that they function properly and last long. For various window treatment ideas you can also refer to various home design magazines that will provide you with excellent decoration ideas.


  1. Bridgette538 says:

    The variety of window treatment options is amazing. One of my personal favorites are the bamboo shades. They look great, are natural and they are terrific for reducing heat. It doesn’t get better than that!

  2. AngelaGomez says:

    Window treatments in your home play a very important part. It gives your visitor a
    first impression. Make sure it is a good first impression.A more stylish and sophisticated style of blinds. These blinds are beautiful. When you look at them from the side they look like a series of honeycombs. They keep the room temperature regulated in both summer and winter.

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