Swedish Holidays & Window Decorations

Thinking of popular things to put on your windows for Christmas has proven to be a challenge. Rose-Marie, our office manager, is from Sweden and said every house has one of these nice window treatments. It is a well-known fact to anyone who lives in Sweden that November is a month where it gets dark very early in the evening. People look forward to snow since it makes the whole world feel like it is less drab and dreary and because people love to have fun in the snow. Come this Saturday and Sunday the dark and dreary atmosphere is going to get dispelled and pushed away. Windows on all the houses of Sweden are getting a fun and exciting makeover with decorations such as candles, electric candles and stars. The lights twinkle throughout Sweden and look like fairy light. The people of Sweden are participating in the Advent season and are excited about the upcoming holiday.

Oskar Anderson created the first electric candle in 1934, and is considered a very smart man by many people because of this invention. Many Swedish people own electric candles and display them throughout their homes in the windows during Advent and the Christmas season. This is the night that you will find Christmas Candles all over! Some candles have seven candlesticks on them. Others are made of various colors and shapes, and there will be sure to be something to please everyone for their window treatments. You can spend as little or as much as you need to in order to express yourself through your decorations.

Advent would not be the same without showing off an Advent Star that could be made from a wide variety of material. Stars can be made from paper products, hay, wood or ceramics and there is a light bulb inside. The star will light up your window. The people of Sweden started using these stars in the 1930s, because they remembered that the Three Wise Men used the star to guide their way to the lord.

Traditionally Swedish people will place the Advent star, candles and some Christmas roses in the window to decorate. All the lights help to remove the darkness of winter from the home and make things feel light and merry.


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