New Uses Of Easter Window Treatments

Most people are familiar with the plastic cling decorations placed on windows during Easter and Christmas celebrations. These decorations stick on the glass using static cling and can even be fixed by small children. A good thing about these Easter window treatments is that they do not leave marks on glass and can be changed regularly. The uses of these window decorations have fully changed from festivity decorations to full window treatment options where they play a number of functions such as; furniture protection and providing privacy.

How They Function

Replaceable window film requires no fasteners or adhesives. All you need to do is to press the film onto the glass and to remove air bubbles by smoothing the film. Certain brands recommend that you moisturize the window surface using water before attaching the film. This helps to increase the glasses surface tension. Whichever option you choose, maintenance work on the film is relatively easy and you can remove it by simply peeling it off.

Deflection of Heat

Specially treated window films can absorb and deflect away the sun’s heat. This window treatment is mostly used for furniture protection. It may prevent the furniture from fading; minimize the sun’s glare on television screens as well as maintaining cooler interior temperature during summer. These window treatment options come in many designs with some preventing up to 99% of the harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun and deflecting up to 70% of the sun’s heat. These properties greatly minimize the need to use air conditioners.


Insulating window film uses the principle of bouncing back heat in summer and keeping the same inside during winter. This window film is capable of keeping up to 50% of heat in the house and prevents it from leaking out through window panes. This greatly saves on fuel costs. After winter, you can simply remove the film, keep it and use it over and over again.


You can use Easter window treatments to improve privacy in your home, but still allow enough light in the house. You can choose from frosted, opaque or semi-opaque options, to block out the view from all directions. You can also look for a “mirrored” film that will enable you to see outside while preventing the people from outside from peeping into your house.


Window cling film has numerous decorative functions. There are many decoration options ranging from etched designs, rice paper or glass panels stained. You can use a normal scissor to cut the panels into desirable shapes and patterns. The cling films are resistant to tear that can be brought about by children’s activities. You can also choose from design options that matches the inner decor of your house.

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  1. richieweird says:

    You can allow light while availing privacy, dim the morning light, deflect heat and glare creating the desired effect in the room. Once the fabric gets deteriorated, you can change it very easily.

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