Choosing The Correct Window Treatments

When purchasing or replacing old blinds or window coverings, there are certain mistakes that people often make. Knowing what they are will allow the person to make a better choice.

Selecting The Right Product

There are a great number of items on the market such as venetian or pleated blinds. It is vital to select the correct blind for the way a person uses their room. Here are a few ways to use the blinds for a particular room:

-Living Rooms
A person will need great UV protection for all furniture such as the sofa along with fabrics and other wood pieces.

-Dining/Kitchen Areas
Window treatments need to hold up against food and drink spills.

Bathrooms/Jacuzzi Areas
The blinds need to withstand water splashing on them along with sweat and water chemicals.

-Sun Rooms/Garden Rooms
As a person waters their plants, the leaves transpire which leads to a large amount of condensation and problems with humidity.

-Music Rooms
Things like grand pianos look amazing as a centerpiece in any room, but special blinds are needed to keep instruments at a stable room temperature.

Selecting The Right Color

There are various options to pick from. Within most homes, the ceiling is usually white or tan colored with different colors on the walls. If a person carries the color scheme into the living area, it will fit in and become an extension of the home. For example, blue blinds and matching over treatments will make it feel like a garden room because guests will feel like they are sitting under the sky. To make a statement, use a favorite bold color, but keep in mind that a quality blind will last a long time so stick with something that is really liked.

Having Long Guarantees

Living areas can suffer from condensation, UV light, insects, and extreme hot and cold. Therefore, the technology must be very good in the blind and stand up to any condition. The actual fabric is one concern, while the hardware that affixes the blind is another. Cheaper products that come with a one year guarantee usually will not be smart over the long haul. Look for blinds with a lifetime warranty.

Do The Research

Prior to making a decision to purchase window blinds, do research.

-Discover which way the room faces on a compass.
-Learn the disadvantages of not completely covering the whole room with blinds.
-Learn what insects are around the area.
-Uncover how the sun moves over the sky during different months and times of day.
-Look at the trees and think about if summer shade will last into winter.

Selecting The Correct Method Of Operation

Many people are under the misconception that blinds are only needed in the summer to prevent from the heat. They do not know that special blinds are made to be used every day, so people purchase manual blinds because they think that they will be seldom used. Always purchase powered blinds. It will make life much easier.

The best blinds are crafted to cope with the different environments in a room. Keeping this in mind, a person will make an informed purchase that will be a good addition to the house.

This is a reprint from Dr. Joy Madden

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