Window Treatments Are Easy To Create

With Halloween right around the corner, it is fun to make spooky window treatments in time for a party, or just to brighten up a front window. There are many creations to use for decorations that do not need a sewing machine or even so much as a sewing needle. They are easy and fun to do. Even children can help with some part of making these fun curtains.

What You Need:

      • Halloween tablecloth for each window
      • Hook and loop fasteners – use circles or strips
      • Felt pieces. Scraps are okay, in black, orange, white and yellow
      • Scissors
      • Regular curtain rod
      • One stick of chalk


      1. Take existing curtains and valances and curtain rod off window. Lay Halloween tablecloth on a table or other flat surface. Place curtain rod at top. Fold six to eight inches of the tablecloth over the curtain rod. With chalk, mark where the top edge of fold meets the tablecloth, then remove the rod.
      2. To make two curtain panels, cut the tablecloth in half evenly. Lay each half on table. Fasten the hook parts of the Velcro or generic fasteners at the top of each half of tablecloth. Fasten tightly.
      3. Using the chalk line as a guide, place the loop fasteners on each half of the tablecloth. When folded down, hook and loop fasteners should meet, making an even pocket for the curtain rod to slip through.
      4. With the chalk, draw Halloween shapes on the felt pieces. Make candles, ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, or whatever you like. Make as many as you want to fasten to the curtains.
      5. Cut the shapes out of the felt with scissors. To each shape, attach a hook fastener to the back. Take the loop fasteners and attach them to the Halloween curtains you made. Place them randomly to create an interesting pattern. Now take the felt shape with the hook fastened to it, and place on the loop fastener you have on the curtains. Rearrange or make more shapes as necessary, until you like the look of your new window treatments.
      6. Slide the curtain rod through the pocket you made on top of each curtain panel. Hang the rod with the curtains back on the window. Take a long sturdy piece of felt to make tiebacks for each panel.

Other fun things to do:

Create a fake window in the basement or anywhere on a windowless wall by fastening the window treatments on the wall.

Use a plain white tablecloth or an old white sheet to cut into window treatments and decorate with shapes or felt markers. Using hook and loop fasteners will mean no sewing will be necessary. Let children help to draw pictures and images on the material. Make Halloween curtains for their bedroom or any window in the home.

When hanging your Halloween window creations, leave the regular window shades on the windows for privacy.

Use whatever material and supplies you have on hand. It is not necessary to spend money buying fabric. If something is torn or ragged, work it into the display to look more like Halloween decorations.
If you do not have enough material for curtains, make spooky valances for Halloween window treatments.

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