Six Hot Ways to Keep your Cool – and your Money – this Summer

Summertime is finally here, and along with the season’s picnics, fresh produce and longer daylight hours comes one menace – the intense heat of the sun.

Not only does heat make you uncomfortable, it drives up energy bills and can cause your furniture to fade prematurely. While you may need to get air conditioning if the heat is completely unbearable (look at Austin Air Conditioning – website if you want to do this) but there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you beat the heat, and enjoy a lazy summer.

1) Blind Mother Nature – with blinds. Shades of any style can help drown out the sun, but opt for lighter colors and larger slats for the best protection.

2) Close your blinds backwards – if you close them blade-side up, you will keep more sunlight (and heat) out.

3) Film your windows – window film is available at most major retailers, and can cut radiant heat up to 70%!

4) Start from the outside – plant large shade trees in a strategic location which will shade your home in… shade! Be sure that the trees you choose won’t harm your foundation with aggressive root structures in the future.

5) Double the pane, double the gain – replace inefficient windows with double pane windows to help keep cool air in during the summer, and the heat in during the winter months.

6) Don’t insult your home with poor insulation – make sure that your attic is adorned in an adequate amount of insulation. Homeowners who have 12 inches of insulation versus those with three inches enjoy around 10% off of their cooling bills! If none of those blind tricks work and you’re still in a sweltering heat, Coolest Gadgets has created a list of portable AC units that can cool you down. Being able to move your AC unit from room to room ensures a cool breeze but also doesn’t waste energy in rooms you’re not using.

What are your favorite tips for keeping cool in the summertime?

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