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Each house has its own personality. This is achieved by paint color, design, architecture and more. When home has become drab rather than considering a big and expensive project just replace the window dressings with roller shades of a new and adventurous color and see what happens. Putting new life into an ugly old house can be fun especially if there is sufficient knowledge of where to start looking for the implements to make it happen.

So many unique styles of shades exist in the market today. They vary in materials, base products and even country of origin. When it comes to deciding on the style a well planned shopping trip may be in order. Starting on the internet will give a pretty good idea of where to go to see the items that have peaked interest. Many shops are centrally located in an area near the shopper where these lovely covers can be found. Pier 1, World Market, Kohls, and even the big names such as JC Penny and Sears have their own stock of them.  All these places offer several options and the search will no doubt be fun.

Woven Roller shades come in several sizes. All are 72″ long and are made standard to fit 23, 27,31,35,39 & 48 inch windows. This gives plenty of room for the windows at the house. They use a roller beaded chain to pull them open and shut. They are made of a fiber paper and polyester mix. They come in a few variations of white.

Pleated shades are even nicer. They are great for filtering the amount of light wanted in a room. They are made of beautiful linens in almost any color wanted. They can be purchased to match or accent any existing decor. Bright and airy colors such as orange, yellow or bright greens are available for those people who really love to brighten up their living spaces. More subdued shades such as mauve, beige, Merlot, Olive or a gently burnt sienna may be more in order for people who want to feel relaxed at home. This type of roller shades help to reduce the cooling bill too. They block out most of the suns rays in the summer helping to keep it cooler in the house even on the second floor.

Bamboo is a very versatile product. It has been used to make bath mats, homes, and roofs, wash cloths and much more. This is also one of the most easily dyed and worked with items there is. These fast growing trees have been used to create some beautiful roller shades too. It is called matchstick bamboo because of the width of the hundreds of strands it takes to build a single roller shade. They come in a plethora of sizes to fit almost any window. They often come with a built in valance as well adding a little more to the look. The cords used to operate them are color coordinated and easily hidden.

Another option for shading one or more rooms is Lighthouse Lace roller shades. The time of lacy curtains has yet to pass by. The light and frilly addition of laced window shades will put much more insulation between the cozy front room and the front porch. It will also add to the way the windows look from outside. There are several designs these lovely shades are made in. Instead of being plain sheers they are embossed or woven with pictures. They are the same shade of white with character. Putting these up in addition to the nice set of drapes allows privacy and lighting also.

Many manufacturers offer deals on full sets of their designer shades. This can be a great thing for the consumer. Many of these companies have their own web site as well where the shopping can begin. When buying online there are often discounted rates and in a few cases they also offer free shipping on orders over a particular amount. Manufacturers of fine shades have remnants they can mail to an inquiring party. This will allow the consumer to feel and actually see what they are getting before committing to the purchase. This is an equally satisfying way to brighten up the home and still have plenty of time for the family.

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  1. aisya says:

    personally i like roller shades a lot as it’s easy to maintain, not to say it’s simple and elegant.

    it’s my all-time favourite window coverings.

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