Replacing the cord in a Roller Shade Clutch

When your cord breaks there is no need for you to break down. These are as simple to fix as 1 2 3.

1. Put the shade in the up position and tape into place to ensure that it will not move. Then pull the entire shade out of the window and the clutch out of the shade.

2. Remove the Cord clasp (part that holds the 2 ends of the cord together) and pull out the cord out of the clutch. You might have to remove the stops to get the cord out.




















3. Feed in the new cord and wind around by hand. Make sure that the stop is in the up position so then attach the cord clasp and re-install your clutch and blind.







That’s it, the whole price takes as little as 5 min to complete and will save you hours of having no shade due to repair. It will also save you money in paying for someone else to do the repair for you.



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