Making Your Own Creative Window Coverings

Halloween decorations are the first things that degree your guests as they approach your home. Celebrating this fun time means becoming creative and adding a little bit of spookiness to your home. They are fun to make, and even children can get involved in the window coverings created especially for Halloween.

Level of Difficulty:

Directions And the Items Required:

* Construction Paper
* Glue
* Suction Cups
* Scissors

1. Cut the construction paper using scissors in shapes of bats, pumpkins, or skeletons, for example. The shapes are easy to draw or outline. Each of the shapes can be embellished with designs or decorations. Cut out eyes and other facial features of different colored construction paper and simply glue them onto the shapes.

2. Simply glue on the suction cups to make funny faces. They can be used as eyes on any of the shapes. They can also be used to attach the shapes to the windows.

3. Remember to attach the shapes and the decorations in a way so that they can be viewed from the exterior. In other words, the right side of the design should be facing the outdoors.

Below are some great websites to help you complete designs and make the decorations from scratch, as well as providing the consumer with all the materials they need for the various crafts.

* Halloween for great invitations

* Pumpkin and enjoy up to 20% in savings

* Kids Halloween for Halloween crafts for kids

* for great Halloween costumes made available to consumers through eBay.

Tips on Making Halloween Decorations

One great tips to make fabulous decorations without any errors is to use cookie cutters as stencils. These can help people who are not artistically gifted, and especially recommended for young children, so that they can get involved in the project.

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