Brighten Up A Porch, Patio Or Room With Blinds Or Shades

window blinds and shadesDecorating your home is of the utmost importance to all women. This is a process that can take months or even years to get it to the exact point where she is completely happy with the results. One thing that makes a lot of difference when doing this is the windows. Every style of house is unlike every other. This makes the windows different for all of the adventurous folks who spend their time turning a house into a special home. Blinds, shades or any other window dressing can make all the difference in the world to the finished product.

Choosing the covers for the windows in a living room is not always easy. The style of furniture and even the color of flooring will take its toll on how best to deal with the windows. Window blinds and shades are very nice choices and each has plenty of unique qualities to offer of their own. Both are fairly durable depending on what variation is purchased. Materials and color and design all are choices that will need to be made. There are wood, faux wood, fabric and even PVC that these wonderful items are made of.

Choosing blinds can be the right choice. If wood grain is not the style desired then one would move into fabric or PVC options. Both of these are sturdy and can last a long time. The PVC is colored before the slats are made so their color does not fade. Even if you don’t go with PVC blinds, you might want to think about getting yourself something like a PVC Tablecloth as these can be a great way to add lots of colour and vibrancy to your table setup. It also is nice to put up blinds because they block out a lot of sunlight making it cooler in the house during the summer months. There are hundreds of colors like denim, lime, burgundy, black and of course several shades of white to match any decor.

Fabric blinds are nice too. The variations of patterns for these are too high to number. They can be made in standard horizontal window blinds and shades or in the vertical design. Both are lovely additions to any room and can be great for keeping the heating and cooling bill down to a decent level. Each slat is placed at just the right angle so that it closes completely either in the up or down positions. They also can be turned to either black out a room or to filter the light coming in. With this comes a lower energy bill which helps out in a couple of ways, not just in beauty.

Vertical blinds began their entry into the material world a few decades ago. They became very popular almost over night. Not only do they have their own uniqueness about them but they are also harder to damage if the window is left open during a harsh wind. They are great insulators and can keep most of the furniture and floor damaging UV rays out of the house during times of the day the sun hits that side of the house. Bamboo, wood, PVC, fabric and even faux wood are the materials to choose from. They are an elegant addition to the home regardless of what they are made with. The angle of the louvers means they gather less dust than horizontal kinds. Plus, some of them are motorized so there are no strings attached. If having it all is the goal there are even some that are automatic and adjust with the time of day so the least amount of unwanted temperature is beaming into the home.

Shades also come in many varieties. Bamboo roller style, fabric, wood, Roman shades and more are available in this market. Shades come in sizes from about twenty four inches to up to a few feet long depending on the company that makes them. There are a lot of uses for roller style shades. Some people use them on their front porch so they can enjoy the evening air while the sun is going down. Others want to use them in their home to spruce up the place.

Many styles and designs can be found. Shades can be made of honeycomb fabric or with natural materials instead. All of them can be found at a favorite department store or interior shop nearby. Import shops are another place that carry beautiful designer shades and blinds to bring new life to any home or dorm.


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