Blackout Shades Solve Sleep Problems

Thousands of American’s have trouble sleeping, some of them nearly every single night. Many turn to special radios that allow for the crashing of waves or the chattering of birds. Others turn to special adhesive strips and apparatuses to open their airways and allow for more relaxed breathing. And still others turn to drugs and medications which can potentially become addictive. One of the biggest culprits effecting sleep is the amount of light that can get in through windows while we try to sleep. Blackout shades allow for completely darkened rooms, enhancing one’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

Conventional blinds allow for light to seep in through cracks, this creates distracting light patterns and shadows on walls which make it difficult to fall asleep. Once asleep these light patterns can also arouse one from sleeping, interrupting the sleep cycle and disallowing one to feel rested as they wake. This is even more important for babies and toddlers as they sleep.

Aside from the benefits of sleep, blackout shades are perfect for the entertainment room inside the house. Especially when using a projector pointed at a wall, it is imperative to remove as many light sources from the room as possible to ensure the best picture quality possible. With conventional blinds, it is nearly impossible to use a projector configuration the middle of the day if it is sunny outside. After the initial thousand dollar investment of the projector and screen, it does not make sense to forgo the finishing touch of blackout shades in order to make the picture the best it can possibly be.

Blackout shades come in a few different modern and sleek styles to fit the decor of your home. The best part is they roll up when not in use, allowing for unobstructed sunlight when you want it.

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