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So you’ve closed the deal- you’ve sold your old home to a new family, you were able to find vehicle transport and you’re ready to pack up and move to your beautiful new house.  But a new house doesn’t immediately make for a home, and you may find yourself nostalgic for the “homey-ness” of your previous residence. Make your moving in process as comfortable as possible with these tips for making a new house feel like home.


Throw Away or Keep?

Before you move, be vigilant about what items in your house you’re going to keep and which you are going to get rid of. Those boxes filled with household items in your basement that you have left over from your last move? Get rid of them. If they haven’t proven to be of any use in years, it’s unlikely you’ll find use for them in your new home. We’ve all been into peoples’ homes who “just moved” a year or more ago and still have stacks and stacks of boxes lining the walls of their living room. Save yourself the trouble of shipping and the embarassment of a cluttered home, and say goodbye to those old teddy bears and picture frames you never found the right family photo for.

You may also be able to profit (or at least recover some losses) from these items! Sell them at a garage sale, list them on eBay or craigslist, or donate them to GoodWill. If you realize no one has use for the items (including yourself) throw them away. Think of all the space you will be saving for new items and memories by relieving yourself of old, unused junk.

making a new house feel like home

Stay Organized!

During the moving process, it’s extremely important to stay organized. Rather than moving out items by size or convenience, load your items into your moving truck room by room. Why? When you get to your new home, you’ll be so happy you did. Instead of clearing out items slowly into your new space, you’ll have everything for each room in the right spot as soon as you’ve finished unloading. Then comes the less than exciting part – unpacking. But labeling your boxes and sorting them room by room will make this process much simpler, we promise! One other tip- once you have your worldly possessions into the moving truck, if you’re going to be waiting until the next day to head out, back up the vehicle to a wall or garage door. This will make theft much more difficult. You don’t want to lose your precious items before you have even hit the road.

A Return to Normalcy

Once the moving van has been returned to the rental office, the real fun begins! Instead of unpacking the boxes in each room little by little, we recommend first devoting yourself to ONE room as a sort of “safe haven” or escape from the unavoidable clutter of boxes and furniture. THat way, when you’re feeling overwhelmed over the next few days, you can retire to this “completed” room and have a breather in peace. It will also make you start to feel at home!

Making A New House Feel Like Home

Make Your Home Your Own

Once the unpacking is done (or even while it’s progressing) consider painting walls that are either bland or unappealing. What about getting some new furniture? How about getting something like these gloss coffee tables for your living room to spice things up a little bit? Have you checked out the best home security camera to protect you and your family? For the bare windows, we recommend ordering window coverings so that outsiders can’t see EVERYTHING going on inside your home. Save that for the housewarming party! For a more permanent, timeless look consider Plantation Shutters. For a classy, lighter look you may enjoy our large selection of Honeycomb Shades, available in both light-filtering and blackout fabrics, depending on how much privacy you need during the day. For your kid’s rooms, we recommend Cordless Roller Shades– they’re both child-safe and easy to operate. We all remember having those metal blinds that become all warped from being toyed with, and you’ll want to make your house your own through personal touch, not through damaged window coverings!

With these tips, we think you’ll be successful in making a new house feel like home. Here’s to the many memories you’re sure to make in your brand new house, that will soon be a home!

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