How to Save Money on Heating Bills this Winter

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As autumn settles in, cooler temperatures are causing many things to fall, including snow, leaves, and the amount of daylight we get to enjoy. One thing that goes up this time of year, and is rather unwelcome, are the bills associated with heating our homes.

Here are 7 simple tips that can help you  to winterize your home:

  1. Apply window insulation film, which is stuck to windows by using a hair drier.
  2. Use door draft stoppers in front of doors that access the outside of your home.
  3. Take a moment and program your thermostat. Many newer models allow you to program your unit to adjust its temperature to accommodate various times of the day. Why keep your home 72 and toasty when no one except for Fido is home? If you do not have a thermostat that allows you to program it, you can buy a new one for under $100!
  4. Check out the Internal Revenue Service’s website for energy incentives that are available through the end of the year.
  5. Turn your ceiling fans around to spin clockwise. This helps push warm air, which rises, down towards the floor.
  6. Use a wood-burning fireplace or stove to keep your home toasty. Although they might be a bit messy at times and require some annual maintenance, they provide warm living quarters (and the undeniable aura of the winter season).
  7. Install roller shades to keep the heat inside. They are easy to install, come in a multitude of colors, and are the best long-term solution to keeping the harsh winter winds out of your home and outside where they belong! Want even more convenience? Consider motorized roller shades – they open and close at the touch of a button!

Do you have other winterizing tips? Share below in our comment section!

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