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Fabric Roman Shades can be kept pristine easily: here’s a few cleaning tips for roman shades. Remember to check your instructions or cleaning guides for specific guidelines from your Roman Shades manufacturer.

how to clean roman shades

How to Clean Roman Shades:

FOR MODERATE BUILDUP OF DIRT/DUST (Fabric roman shades- with or without embroidery)

If you have embroidered or other decorative threading patterns on your roman shades, don’t vacuum them-dust them. You don’t want to loosen the threading with a suction vacuum. A swiffer or other static-free fabric duster can be a great option. Use a dust repellent after you finish to keep the dust from clinging to the shades. This is extra important for those embroidered roman shades: the dust will want to collect along the embroidery!

FOR HEAVY BUILDUP OF DIRT/DUST: (Fabric Roman Shades- no embroidery)

Vaccuum them.

While we often think vacuuming is only for surfaces, remember you can vacuum your fabric roman shades! We recommend you vacuum the shades on a LOW setting weekly or up to 3 times weekly for those living in drier, dusty climates like Arizona. Pay extra attention to those folds; that’s where the dust lives.

SPILLS OR STAINS (Fabric Roman Shades- with or without embroidery)

The key is to deal with them ASAP, as soon as you realize they’ve been compromised. Traditional techniques like soda water work great; so do spray on stain removers. For spray and wash cleaning agents, make sure you can wash your shades before applying.




Contact the company you ordered from and ensure you can wash the shades before you begin. A little stain is not worth ruining your beautiful shades!

The key to keeping your Roman Shades looking fabulous is upkeep; don’t save all the cleaning for springtime or before a big holiday party! The more attention you pay to your window coverings, the more attention grabbing they will be in your home!


  1. John Mahoney says:

    I hadn’t thought about vacuuming my roman blinds to keep them clean. It makes sense that understanding the small trick to maintain them can help you enjoy them for a long time. I can see how anyone looking into this would want to make sure they consult with professional and keep the beauty added to their house by these features.

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