Don’t get Bent out of Shape: How to Order Arch Shades

Ever wonder how you get the perfect shades for your arched windows?

While the perfect arch’s height is exactly half its width, there are many arches that do not fit this traditional pattern.

Homeowners who have nontraditional arches are not out of luck when it comes to buying shades –they simply have to provide a template to ensure the perfect fit is created in production.

First, figure out whether or not your arch is “perfect.” Measure the width, then the height. If the height is not exactly half the length of the width, then your arch is considered “non-traditional.” When you are looking to buy a shade for a non-traditional arch, we ask you to send us a cutout of the window. From there, we will forward it to our manufacturer who will use your artwork to create a perfect fitting shade.

While most will use a piece of butcher-block paper, or newspaper to draw the outline, some customers have been more creative than others (as you can see in our main image, we have had customers “map” out their perfect window covering).

Now that you know how easy it is to measure for new arch window shades are you ready to chart the course to a more beautiful window?

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