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Ever wondered how to clean those Plantation Shutters on the windows? Plantation Shutters are among the most durable of window treatments and can last for years if properly maintained. However, their efficient design doesn’t mean you can completely ignore them after installation. Keep your Plantation Shutters clean with these cleaning tips from the experts at Shades Shutters Blinds.

how to clean shutters

How To Clean Plantation Shutters:

1. Fill a container with about a ½ gallon of water.  For best results, you may consider using distilled water, although it is not required. You may add a small amount of mild soap or detergent to the water, or, for more difficult to remove dirt or stains, use a water-based household cleaner. Don’t use chlorine based cleaners or other cleaners containing organic solvents that could affect the surface appearance and durability of the shutters.

2. Use a soft cloth and dip it into the container of water and cleaner. Avoid using cleaning utensils with rough edges that may scratch or damage the louvers (slats).Clean both sides of the shutters, watching for the small areas between strings that may be missed by the cloth and require extra attention.

3. Using a different container with clean water, dip a dry cloth into the water and wipe all the louvers, or slats, of the shutters with the damp cloth. This will remove any remaining cleaning residue, which could compromise the durability of the shutters.

4. Finish by drying off the shutters with a dry cloth. (This is even more important for Real Wood Shutters!)

how to clean shutters

There you have it, how to clean shutters by the people that should know – Shades Shutters Blinds! Still have questions? Chat LIVE with our window covering experts during business hours or leave us a message after hours.  Look for the orange button to start chatting!

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