How To Change the Controls on a Roller Blind

One of the top mistakes made in ordering roller shades is asking for the controls on the wrong side. Luckily this is actually one of the easiest things to fix on a shade and all you are going to need is a Phillips head screwdriver.


Once you have taken you blind out of the window, be sure that the shade is all the way to the top then use tape to hold it into place. Once this is done the clutch side should pull right off. If you have a motorized shade the motor should pull right off as well.






Next find the notch that is on the other end cap, it might be hidden by the fabric. Once you find this simple stick your screwdriver into the notch and pry it off. Do not push too hard or it can cause the plastic to bend.






Once the end caps are off simply put them back on the sides you would like.



Tip: If you cannot find a Phillips head screwdriver or anything to fit into that notch you can also use a broomstick handle to push that end cap off.

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