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Winter storms can often be a very hard time for people. They have to stock up on food, check their heating is in working order, winterize their cars and so much more when snow comes. Some peoples roofs could even take damage, if they do consider talking to someone similar to the Best Dover Roofing Company to seek advice on how to repair your home. Short trips in the car often become a half day exercise due to the bad conditions on the road. Even then, they aren’t guaranteed safety because there are brash drivers who don’t take care in this weather who can crash into you. If this happens to you this winter then consider checking out someone like this Rock Hill car accident attorney to see if you can be financially compensated. Things like that often go wrong in storms but sometimes we can learn from experience so we’ve found some winter storms that stand out.

As winter storms sweep across the country, let’s take a look at some memorable winter storms from history.

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1. Mount Shasta, California 1959

Winter Storm History

Weed, California (image courtesy of Weed Historic Lumbertown Museum)

Although the total snow fall recorded in this small town in California was record-breaking, many residents didn’t even consider the snow storm of February 1959 anything special! This mountainous region was accustomed to many holiday season snow storms. Therefore, residents hadn’t even realized that this storm was credited for producing the most snowfall from a single storm until The Storm of the Century! (you’ll hear about this one further down the screen)

2. Blizzard of 1967, Midwestern US

Winter Storm History

Blizzard of 1967

The Chicago Blizzard of 1967 pounded the Chicago area and its suburbs with over 23 inches of snow ! The snowfall stopped the morning of January 27, 1967 after falling throughout the entire night. The snow left 800 Chicago Transit Authority buses and 50,000 cars abandoned in the city’s streets and expressways. The city was virtually shut down and closed down both Midway and O’Hare Airport. Chicagoans are used to snowstorms, but this blizzard was one for this history books. Which leads us to our next memorable winter storm…

3. The Storm of the Century, 1993

Winter Storm History

Storm of the Century (Image Source:NASA)

The Storm of the century formed over the Gulf of Mexico in March 1993. It moved through the Eastern United Stated into Canada, dumping as much as 12 inches of snow in areas as far south as Georgia and Alabama. Up to four inches of snow was recorded in the Florida Panhandle! High winds and tornadoes were reported in Florida, Louisiana and Cuba, followed by extreme cold weather. Unfortunately, more than 300 people perished during this storm. This winter storm from history is legendary for having a direct effect on over 40% of the American population.

4. Colorado Holiday Blizzards, 2006

Winter Storm History

(Image Source: NOAA)

If you’re from the Denver area or live in Colorado, you’ll definitely remember the recent Holiday Blizzards of 2006. They struck the Denver region in two direct hits in the last two weeks of December 2006. What made these winter storms from recent history particularly memorable (and bothersome) were that they happened in such close proximity to eachother. This caused cleanup crews’ efforts to remove the snow to be severely hampered. Castle Rock, Colorado, where Shades Shutters Blinds is located, recorded over 7 inches of snow in the second storm alone! This doesn’t include the snow that had fallen only a week previously. Talk about an over-the-top Christmas present from Mother Nature!

Ice Storm Cleon, 2013

Ice Storm Cleon: Winter Storms History

Ice Storm Cleon (image source: Weather Channel)

This Arctic chill affected areas from the Great Plains all the way to the Ohio River Valley, causing ice and sleet to fall in places as far south as Texas. (Dallas and Tarrant counties, the area this blogger is from, were virtually shut down) . Many holiday events, schools, and business were closed due to the harzardous weather conditions. Residents in the southern portion of the area affected by this storm are not accustomed to such extreme weather so early in the winter season.

Has the area you live in been affected by the recent winter storms?

Can you feel the draft from the freezing outdoors through your windows?

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