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Like it or not- we are in the age of the internet. With online sales exploding, there are websites for buying almost every product available in stores through the internet. It’s no different with window coverings. With all the options available, it can become difficult to decide which company to use to buy your new shades, shutters or blinds.

So why choose Shades Shutters Blinds?

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Shades Shutters Blinds as your preferred window treatment provider. (And the list just keeps growing!)

1. We are a Google Trusted Store. (Read More about our Google Trusted Store Status)

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2. We don’t usually make mistakes. 99.9% of our orders are issue free.

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3. Fast issue resolution for those times that mistakes do happen. (Just call us or start a live chat!)

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4. Mismeasurement insurance: Sometimes the customer measures incorrectly, so we offer insurance to ensure that all transactions are worry-free.

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5. Fast and on time shipping (average is 4.8 days to ship from the time you order your window coverings), 99% On time shipping. Did we mention shipping is FREE?

Fast Shipping by Shades Shutters Blinds


6. Quality customer service representatives during business hours (Contact  Customer Support or start a live chat session!)

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7. The VAST majority of our products are Made in America (Read more about our commitment to US companies)

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8. Lifetime Warranty on all window coverings* (Read more about our Warranty Policy)



9. Secure payment: we have absolutely NO access to your personal credit card information!



10. Better Business Bureau Certified Company: quality you can trust.



If we haven’t convinced you that Shades Shutters Blinds is the NUMBER ONE choice for window coverings online, then check out our site and see for yourself! We promise you won’t be disappointed!



*Motorized window coverings have a 5 year warranty for the motors, other exclusions may apply. Please see our Warranty page for more information.

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