Advantages Of Window Sun Screens

Sun screens can be installed on your windows for a number of reasons. The most important one is to prevent the glare that comes in through the windows. They window sun screens are also very effective in protecting your furniture from fading and all other damages. How do the sun screens work? What makes them so popular among the people these days? Read on to find out.

How Do Sun Screens Work

The sun screens main purpose is to stop the sun rays from entering your home. They stop the rays before they touch the glass. So the amount of heat buildup inside the rooms is reduced to a great extent. According to a study conducted by the U.S Department of Energy, homes that have sun screens on their doors and windows are very successful in stopping the heat buildup. By shading your doors and windows with these screens you can keep the interiors cooler during the summer months and reduce the temperature by about 20 degrees.

The window sun screens are more beneficial than the window tints and films. Tints that are not properly installed or produced may sometime bubble up due to heat and do not function properly. In the same way, if you use insulated drapes of films indoors they do not perform as effectively as the sun screens because the sunlight has already entered the rooms through the glass and cause heat buildup. Sun screens on your windows can block about 90% of the harmful UV rays of the sun and reduce to temperature to a great extent making a huge difference in the temperature inside the rooms. This means that you have to use less of your cooling devices resulting in lower energy bills.

Advantages of the Window Sun Screens

There are several advantages of using window sun screens on your windows. In areas that are very hot and humid such window treatments are becoming extremely popular. They are very effective to control the temperature and keep your rooms cool. By using these screens your homes are becoming more energy-efficient and green. Since the screens keep away the heat, you may not require the use of the air conditioning devices often. This helps you to save a lot on your energy bills. Your level of comfort is enhanced with the use of these sun screens. If you know that your rooms can get really hot, even with the blinds down, then you should make sure that your air conditioning works. You don’t want to find that you are too hot and suffer from dehydration in your own home. It’s a good idea to get your air conditioning units checked over as well, perhaps you could use a company like T.E. Spall & Son to help you with this?

The screens not only block the heat buildup but are also able to control the amount of light. If you want to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home, installing these shades are really beneficial. Apart from these, they also enhance the curb appeal of your home in a great way. The greatest advantage of using these window sunscreens is that you can use them with other window treatments like the curtains, shutters and draperies etc. These products can also be operated manually or with the help of motor. The shutters will not only increase curb appeal but also increase the value of your home meaning it is a great ROI. If you ever do sell your house then this will help your house stand out to the buyers and grab their attention like Chrome Door Furniture would.

The window sun screens are available in various thicknesses. So you can choose the product according to varying degrees of heat. They can also provide you with the required amount of privacy. The screens can be used to block about 70%, 80% or 90% of the sun’s harmful rays. You will be able to save about 25-30% on your cooling bills in summer. Another advantage is that you will have total privacy without interrupting your view from inside. You can enjoy the comfort by cutting out the glare greatly.

If you have spent a lot on your inferior decoration, furniture and other accessories, they have to be protected from all kinds of damages for increasing their life. The best way to do so is by adding the window sun screens to your home. They block the sunlight and prevent continuous expose to sunlight. The screens also act as insect screens and keep away the tiny insects. They provide enough ventilation too. They can be easily removed during the winter months. You can buy the sunscreens suitable for all shapes and sizes of windows. Use custom grid work matching to your windows. They are mostly made of polyester or fiberglass. Use the window sun screens for year-round comfort, protection, privacy, energy conservation and curb appeal. You can install them on your doors as well. The best thing is that you can find pet-resistant screens too.

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