Panel Tracks For Window Elegance

For many of you, panel tracks might be a term that is foreign to you. Soon, the word panel tracks will be used in virtually every conversation that involves choices in window treatments, especially for those large picture windows and patio doors that lead out to the back yard. Some people have even used panel tracks in the same way as they would room dividers. This blog will take a look at this new window treatment in home decor and find out why it might be the standard choice for the future.

These panels are a series of overlapping pieces of fabric that are on a track that usually installs on the ceiling or wall. These panels generally are covered with fabric or woven material that make up the outside of these window panels.

Panel tracks are a new generation window covering solution for large windows, patio doors and space dividers. They are essentially a series of overlapping fabric or woven material panels, attached to gliding carriers on a sturdy, low profile track. In most cases, the track paneling runs from floor to ceiling and the individual panels that make up the unit are anywhere from 1 to 3 feet wide. A few of the advantages found in this style of window treatment is the new and contemporary look that this paneling provides. Additionally, the panels easily slide into place to give light blocking or filtering effect, and the tracking allows for smooth and effortless movement. Because these panels are much wider, they give a far greater appearance of being part of the room styling and decoration, instead of looking like window treatment alone. These panels are coming out in a variety of different colors, patterns, fabrics, and materials. Let’s take a look at some of the nice features to consider when considering these panel tracks.

Colors and Fabrics

This new and exciting decorating trend is being made available in a wonderful assortment of color and fabric. There are a plethora of colors, patterns, fabric designs, and textures being offered for decorating and coordinating these tracks to blend and enhance other features in the room. Most of the various fabrics and materials being used for construction of panel tracks are being specially treated to resist any type of fading that can often occur from light exposure. The larger panel size seems to discourage dust build up as well. These stain repellant panels should make house cleaning a much easier task. In addition to the fabrics and woven material used for construction, natural products and fiber such as bamboo, jute, reeds, and grasses give dramatic flair and mood to any room where they are installed. The look is exotic, unique, and perfect for creating a patio room or sport’s den.

Matching and Mixing Products

One nice advantage to Panel Track Shades is the coordination they provide in blending easily with other windows in the room; windows that are a different size or function can still be blended in with the blended paneling. The panel tracks being constructed and sold have been created with other window treatments in mind. The colors, patterns, and designs should be easy to match with existing roller blinds, roman shades, or other window treatments. These panel come with or without the privacy backing which gives the option of purchasing panels that offer complete privacy from outside, or light filtering track panels that still allow lighting.


The track panels currently come with cord operation for moving the tracing into proper place, or free moving panels that can be moved into place with an attached wand. it lets you slide the panels across the window for closure or they can be opened at various positions. The panels on track window treatment can be slid and stored from the right or the left side of the window, which gives a new dimension in decision and decorating convenience. Another option, mentioned earlier, is the purchase of material panels that have privacy backing or not. This backing will completely close out the light or vision of the window it is covering. These panels work so well that some decorators have used these panel tracks as room dividers, giving the function and feel of sectioning off areas of the room. For some people, they are unable to get panel tracks and opt instead for room divider screens, there are so many out there to create different looks in many rooms, finding out where to buy room divider screens can be easy if you know where to go, find yours today and get the look you want in your home.

Important words of caution

The panel tracks must usually be installed from the ceiling. Though this does not have to be a daunting task, it can stop the average homeowner that doesn’t have a ladder, measuring tape, or set of screw drivers or power drill in their garage. If you are completely tool challenged, you will need to get help to install your panel track or have the store where you purchased them do it for you. Also, you will always have one panel fully exposed. That panel can be 23″ or wider. That is something to think about if you have a lack of space.

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