Folding Doors Offer An Affordable And Attractive Upgrade From Traditional Curtains And Blinds

Panel-type folding doors are ideal for use in place of curtains or blinds as a covering for sliding glass doors. The attractive wood shades can complement every style of room decor, and the ability to mount them inside or outside doorframes enables them to work on virtually any door in the home, even those from somewhere like majestic designs ltd. Valances can be purchased to add a finishing touch, with a crown valance being especially appealing for its ability to bring out the colors and textures of the doors, rather than blending into the door assembly.

Woven wood sliding doors add the sophisticated and elegant touch of real wood, which can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of the home. Both light and dark colors are available, with various weaves that can be chosen to add texture and definition. The addition of paints and dyes create even more unique and varied patterns, with selections such as whitewash or teawash offering subtle color variations across the length and width of the door. Patterns that are more dramatic such as Rustic Bamboo, Rustic Makake, and Rustic Tortoise combine light and dark colors to create a range of interesting and eye-catching color shifts, often resembling the color shifts that are found naturally in the outdoors. Pairing this with a modern, stylish door handle adds to the look of the door, therefore we recommend looking at the Bifold website, more specifically, doors by Debar as they are good quality, secure and stylish handles.

There are 23 wood patterns to choose from, with options including both solid and textured weaves, as well as patterns that resemble the more traditional look of slat blinds. An additional 16 color options are available for the banding used to prevent fraying around the edges, with fabric backing available in 6 color choices to provide an additional measure of privacy when the doors are closed. The ability to mix and match the doors, banding, and backing enables color and pattern combinations to be selected to suit personal preferences, as well as to match colors both inside and outside the home.

Valances can be added for the perfect finishing touch, with the 3-1/2 inch crown valance providing an especially complementary look when used with woven wood sliding doors. The patterns of the valances run horizontally, which provided an appealing contrast to the vertical patterns that run through the doors. The complementary colors and varied patterns add a rustic charm that still provides an elegant and finished look to the folding doors, while maintaining an appearance that is natural, rather than overwhelming. One of the best features of the crown valances is that they do not have to be purchased at the same time as the doors, as achieving a perfect color match is not necessary.

Woven wood sliding doors can be purchased in heights that range from 12″ to 96″, with widths available from 24″ to 144″. Valances can be cut to the same width as the doors, although if mounting outside the framing is preferred, they will be cut 1″ wider than specified in the order. It should also be noted that valances ordered in widths longer than 96″ would be created in 2 pieces, rather than cut as a single piece valance.

Folding doors are an attractive alternative to typical curtains and blinds when it comes to coverings for sliding glass doors. The warm wood patterns and textures of woven wood sliding doors work well in any type of room decor, and both light and dark colors are available to complement any style of home furnishing. Safety is also ensured, as the folding doors are made to operate by hand, thus eliminating the cords that can be dangerous to both children and pets. Crown valances add a warm and elegant finishing touch, with the colors and patterns designed to complement the folding doors, rather than blend in through a perfect color match. Color samples of the doors, banding, backing, and valances are available free of charge to make it easy to find the ideal combination, and the prices for purchase are often less than half of the suggested retail. An added benefit is that standard shipping is free. The attractive appearance of woven wood sliding doors makes them an appealing upgrade from traditional curtains and blinds, and the low cost offers an easy way to add warmth and charm while staying on a budget.

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