As the Seasons Change, So Should Your Window Treatments

Let the light shine in. Winter is gone at long last, and it is now time to get accustomed to the sun filled days of spring and summer. Give yourself a fresh start by getting a window cleaning service to make sure you’re letting as much light in as possible. Remove your heavy curtains and drapes and any colors that scream winter. Replace them with lighter colors and fabrics. Use sheers and light weight materials that allow you to open up your space. It is time to come out of hibernation and brighten up your life.

Many experts advise that in order to brighten your room, introduce warm tans, blues, greens and yellows. Just because your mom kept the same heavy window treatments up all year does not mean that you should. Lighten up and feel the temperature drop accordingly. Try using Roman shades along with more contemporary valances. Lighten up your blinds and coordinate window treatment colors with pillows, area rugs and accessories to match the fabric colors on your windows. As you remove the coverings from your windows, make sure they are are squeaky clean and free of streaks. Curtain-less windows are a refreshing option during the warmer months. Often plantation style shutters can provide an exquisite frame for a scenic outdoor vista. Remember to keep the look light. No heavy dark wood stains or paint should be applied. Light is right.

Some folks can not shake the habit and insist on dressing their windows. That can work if you use the right colors and materials. If faced with glare or direct sun, use sheers. If the weather is still a bit chilly, install light colored fabric drapes over the sheers so that you can utilize one or both of those window coverings. A floor to ceiling treatment can add some dimension and style to a room and allow for extra protection from cool breezes.

Before you try to emulate a room scene from a home decorator publication, remember that your home may not be the perfect spot for that treatment. It is important that you truly know your home and be able to visualize a window treatment in your home that you have seen in a magazine.

Remember that whatever you do to your windows will be a focal point for some time. The fabrics and colors you utilize are an eye into your soul and feelings. You can set a cheery feeling of airiness, or you can make your home take on a somber, serious look. Color and fabric are powerful tools and if not used to their best potential can cause your rooms to take on an unfavorable appearance.

If you are not confident in your abilities or lack a sense of color and style, you need not make an excuse for your lack of ability; there is none needed. There are scores of very talented interior designers available who can take on your window treatment dilemma, Not only can they take the project on, they can do it in a truly impressive manner that will stand head over shoulders over many feeble do it yourself attempts.

You may be surprised how cost effective a professional decorator can be. They have access to a much wider range of fabrics, colors and accessories than can be imagined. In addition, decorators keep up on current trends and fashion and can provide you with a cutting edge look that will bear little resemblance to more meager attempts. Often, decorator services are provided by some department stores or specialty shops at no charge. The retailers recoup their dollars by selling you the window treatment fabrics and accessories to complete your project. You will find that even if you don’t directly hire a decorator, they are the source for many great ideas.

This is the time to get going on your spring window treatment updates. If you get started soon, your windows will be ready for the sunny days of spring and summer. You will then have time to decide whether you want to restore the old winter look or update that feeling when the time comes.


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  2. Casey Tandberg says:

    I agree that using a professional decorator does not have to be expensive. I just had one over to decorate my home including all the window treatments. All I can say is that my wife and I are extremely happy with the decorator’s work and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking into having their home remake.

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