Louisville Slugger Trys Custom Roller Shades

Louisville Sluggerâ„¢ called us wanting some of the Major League Baseball Shades. After speaking with Laura Schaaf on what their needs are (and what team to pick), I suggested going with a custom shade with their logo and bypass that decision. I called Dennis Swan who is our sales representative at Comfortex to send them a piece of blackout fabric as a sample. Instead of just the fabric, he made a working blind so they could see the quality and fabric. This was our first custom print shade at the time and we were excited at having such a well known company choose us for our “experiment”. What we had them do was simply send us their measurements, along with a couple of high quality JPEGS photos and to finally proof it out before production. The time to get one of these was surprisingly fast. It took a little less than 3 weeks. Laura sent this photo yesterday and it looks great.

Comfortex can do up to 114″ wide on the custom printed roller shades. The image quality of the photo is critical to make it look crisp and clear. Comfortex uses a 6 tier color selector for the prints so it is about the best you can get. The color quantity is fantastic assuming the picture is. Comfortex has just started offering custom prints on cellular shade fabric along with the traditional roller shade material.

We currently offer all 30 major league baseball teams in four styles each. We also have a massive selection of university shades and many different styles of those. We can print almost anything with laser quality. Thank you Comfortex and Louisville Slugger for the opportunity to serve you.

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