Covering The Heat With Roller Shades

When summer is up, the curtains are either down are drawn. In the past there were curtains of various sizes, colors and styles that could be hung in homes and offices, customarily these curtains had hooks attached to their edge on one side and entire window sill will be lines with rollers so they can slide and spread the curtain according to the width of the windows. Of course there were the usual problems of the rollers getting stuck or the hooks getting out of their places. But now with a simple pulling of a thread, the solar shades can be rolled up and down and the person has the option to cover up the window either full of semi.

History does not know who is the original creator/inventor of these solar shades but they have come to be known about a thousand years ago, when people use to hang a large cloth on their windows and on entrances to maintain privacy and it was usually found in poor peoples’ homes. The simple bamboo and the wooden shades that could be rolled mostly came from south Asia, like in subcontinent and in Japan who instead of doors use to hang sheets on their entrance or in special rooms to separate male and females quarters. The beads hanging were very popular in the last 30 years.

Solar Shades have now become the norm of every household item and they are quickly replacing curtains, because they are easy to handle and are affordable. Solar shades can be called with other names such as roll up shades and roller blinds. These shades are not typically of vinyl or made from cloth material, they are available in bamboo, other wooden woven products, Vinyl Coated Fiberglass, Polyester and the paper screen material.

Even though the usage purpose is to control the intensity and allowance of light in the room, it can be used to stop insects from coming in, or to completely block out the light. Some are semi transparent, transparent and completely opaque. They are available in all sorts of colors, styles and designs and the holder usually come with exquisite and likeable design to make your room more artistic, these solar shades can have a simple edge or have a lacy design, they can even have a logo of your favorite car, animal picture, trees, flowers or a cartoon character.

Solar Shades are now considered a vital part of interior designing and artistic people choose their solar shades according to color of their room. Mostly it is cream white or just ordinary white if the room is plain, but whitish brown, light shades of pink, blue, red, green, violet etc are also considered.

There is a very long list of solar shades, but the most common are Solar, Paper, Privacy and Blackout Screens; Woven wood, insect mesh, Pleated or Cellular Shades and Roman Window Shades. Nowadays people like the Roman Shades.

Black out Shades is most highly preferred by people who are either a light sleeper or who work at night shifts and broad sunlight is a disturbance to them. They are available in any color and design. It is made with thick polyester fiber, acrylic, coating, vinyl and a reflective surface to completely reflect the sunlight back.

Solar Shades are known to be most effective and have a long life and the upside, can be cleaned easily. With reflecting out light they even reflect heat so a greenhouse effect does not occur. UV rays are also reflected back.

Privacy screens are made to be opaque so nothing can be seen by an outsider. It is preferable to apply it in a room which is used mostly at nighttime. Its material consists of cotton, strong fiberglass and the common polyester.

Insect Mesh may not be strong barrier against light but they can stop any insect from entering into a person’s territory.

People loving nature would love to apply wooden woven shades in their homes. The bamboo is liked by many people. They are environment friendly and they can control light at moderate levels.

Solar shades are cost effective, easy to set up and serves the task of keeping a cool shade perfectly and thus are much preferred over other forms of shades.

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