A New Addition: The Envision Roller Shades By Comfortex

envision roller shades by comfortexAs summer trudges on and the days get increasingly hot, many people are looking for ways to block out the burning sun. If you are looking for a high quality blind that adds a touch of beauty to your room, you will be pleased to know that we have recently added the Envision Roller Shades by Comfortex to our collection. These shades are a durable, stylish addition to any room and can help create the balmy shade you need to get out of the heat and stay cool.

The Envision Roller Shades by Comfortex feature a number of design elements that make them stand out from other, similar products. When choosing any shades, it is first important to consider their functionality. Most shades have a specific purpose, to block out the sun, and it is important to make sure that you buy the right shades to suit your specific needs. The Envision shades feature the latest in sun-blocking technology, in both light filtering and blackout fabrics. The light filtering fabric is perfect if you want to block out the heat while still allowing a gentle glow of light to get through. Blackout fabric, on the other hand, is perfect for those sweltering days when it is best to block out the sun completely. If your bedroom gets a lot of morning light, you may want to consider blackout fabric, as it will help keep you cool and keep the sun out of your sleepy eyes.

There is more to Comfortex fabric, however, than its blackout and light filtering functions. This company is known for its soft fabric that gives each room a gentle, classy look. Do not let its softness fool you, however, as it is also known for its durability and its ability to block out the heat of the sun. The wide variety of fabric choices allows you to incorporate the Envision shades into the aesthetic look of your room. While there are, of course, subtle color options such as white, beige, black and gray, there are over twenty different collections of fabric patterns. The collections feature a variety of motifs from the antiqued wood of the Polynesian Sands Collection to the gentle fabric folds of the Damascus collections.

The Envision Roller Shades by Comfortex come with a number of optional features that can help you customize the blinds even further. The standard roll comes with a continuous cord loop chain. The fabric in the standard model runs down the back of the roll, on the side closest to the window. If the blind must avoid a protrusion such as a door handle, however, you can order a reverse roll, which runs its fabric down the front. The standard roll can also be customized to include a cassette headrail, that will hide the mechanisms, or a child-friendly cordless design that retracts with a simple pull.

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