Tips For Choosing House Shutters

If you are looking for fresh ideas to improve the looks of your home’s exterior or trying to get a quick sale, you might consider house shutters. Of course, shutters are not new by any means, but people are starting to consider them as a way to enhance the look of their home while adding value at the same time. It is a good idea to learn a couple of tips before you undertake new house shutters. Use these suggestions when researching the ideal shutters to save problems and get attractive shutters for your home.

You need to make sure the shutters do not detract from the beauty of your home, have an unusual or an odd color scheme and predominately match well with the rest of your neighborhood. It is a good idea to choose house shutters that flow well with the architecture of your home. As you learn further information about exterior shutters, you will need to determine if you want functional or decorative shutters before getting into the shopping process.

Shutter Types

Bahama shutters are slatted and can be opened out at the bottom rather than the sides like many other styles. When selecting a style you may notice that several come with options of spaced or joined and the Board and batten with a plank fencing appearance provides this type of styling.

Many people that live in portions of the country with rough weather opt for Raised-panel shutters. This style is constructed of solid wood and provides good protection from the elements. Raised-panels consist of two panels, which are mounted inside the shutter frame and look very much like popular kitchen cabinet door designs.

One of the most popular styles are Louvered shutters. These consist of a top and bottom set of narrow slats. The slats in functional Louvered shutters can be adjusted to allow sunshine into rooms. They also offer the advantage of displacing rain water evenly across the shutter instead of allowing it to pool up in specific locations, which is less wear on the shutter.


Fortunately, today you have many selections of materials from which to choose. Compare several types of interests and the corresponding costs. Then check how long the product is expected to last outdoors in the elements of wind, rain and snow. Sometimes it may be advisable to pay a bit more upfront for strong well-made house shutters which will last for years to come than buying a cheaper product that may need to be replaced rather quickly.

The materials you choose also play a big part in accenting the architecture and appearance of your home as well. You can choose synthetic or natural materials. Generally shutters made with synthetics are cheaper, however they normally do not last as long as wood. Wood shutters may be left natural, sealed, stained and painted. Wood also provides attractive textures when left unpainted. Wood types used in house shutters construction include California redwood, western red cedar or pine.


Synthetic materials of vinyl, fiberglass, plastic or aluminum can be purchased in any number of colors. Wood shutters are easily painted any color, but be aware that they will require repainting periodically in comparison to synthetic materials. Before installing new house shutters it is also a good time to repaint a home and you might reconsider your home’s color at this time.


Once you have chosen the type of shutter style and the materials, you can select hardware. Compare several varieties of hinges and tie-backs to find the hardware that compliments your shutter style.


It is good to start shopping at local stores such as home improvement centers. This allows you to get familiar with the look, sizes, styles and textures of house shutters in addition too prices. You can also discuss any questions that you may have about warranties, stability and installation with sales people. However, make a point of doing online shopping as well. Shutters can be manufactured and stored in huge warehouses ready for your order. This means they can usually be sold for less on websites than those sold at a local hardware store with more overhead costs. It is wise to investigate thoroughly any house shutters for quality workmanship, warranties and choose a company with a good performance record before purchasing.

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