Plantation Blinds Are Popular With Many Homeowners

Window treatments that are quickly becoming popular with homeowners are plantation blinds. They are typically made of wood and can be used in nearly any window. Many of the same benefits of using wood blinds or bamboo blinds are offered with these window treatments.

One of the many benefits is the custom look that these window treatments offer. They are installed inside the window frame, for a clean and crisp look that is always neat. Some people prefer to install them halfway up the window, while allowing light to filter through the top half. Others prefer to cover the entire length of the window. Either way, the slats can be opened to let in more light, with the simple operation of a single wood bar that attaches to them. They can also be closed all the way, to keep light out.

One of the benefits of using these popular and attractive plantation blinds is the ability to control the amount of light coming into the room. Another is that they can help make the home more energy efficient. They will help keep heat indoors in the winter and will help it stay cool in the summer. Of course, privacy is another benefit. Plantation blinds do a much better job of offering privacy than vertical blinds, shades and many fabric draperies.

Installation of these window treatments is pretty straightforward. The frames are installed inside the window frame. Many homeowners can tackle the job themselves, with a few basic tools. When measuring for length and width, simply use the inside edges of the window frame.

People with standard size windows can often find products to fit. However, even standard size windows may need a custom fit, due to settling of the home, that may occur over time. It is always best to take measurements, even with standard size windows. Products can then be ordered to the exact size needed.

There are a few ways to go about having these window treatments installed. One can take measurements, then order the correct sizes from an online store that sells custom fit window treatments. The other option is to take the measurements to a local home improvement center, where the correct sizes will be ordered for you.

One of the benefits of visiting the home improvement center, is that the homeowner can see what each of the color varieties looks like first hand. This may make choosing the right color a little easier. For others, a basic white or wood finish is easy enough to choose, so ordering online makes more sense. Many companies offer free delivery for a minimum purchase amount. If shutters for the entire home are ordered, this will usually qualify for free delivery.

Another benefit of selecting this type of window covering is that it does not move easily when the wind blows and cannot be pulled down by pets or small children. Often this is a challenge in homes with draperies. Children may pull draperies when trying to look outside. Pets may get caught in them trying to get into the window sill. Either way, shutters eliminate this worry and always look perfect.

Many colors options are available for plantation blinds. They come in a variety of soft, neutral, earth tone and wood grain finishes. White is one of the most common color choices in the home, especially for the living room, dining room or bedroom. It goes with many color schemes and always looks clean.

Those who prefer wood tones will find a variety of finishes, from a light oak to a dark cherry. Wood finishes can be matched to home office furniture, woodwork and other furnishings in the room. They look great in homes with more traditional decor.

However, plantation blinds also look great in homes with more modern decor. In such instances, light colors or earth tones usually work best, though wood tones may also work, depending on furniture and fixtures. While these blinds may cost slightly more than others, they offer a more permanent look that appears seamless, inside many window frames. They are one of the most attractive window treatment options on the market today and can eliminate the need for cumbersome draperies or the cheap look of some types of shades.

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