Making Your Window Shutters Last

Upgrading your home with window shutters is an excellent thing you can do to your home. This can be counted as investment and if you are selling your house it could definitely add to the value!
Wooden ShuttersYou won’t have to change them or even get ripped off buying a weak shutter, by following a set of guidelines to help you choose the right one.

Why do want them?

You need to first of all decide why you want window shutters, apart from the beauty and decor factor of course! You need to decide and plan based on the climatic conditions you are living in, location and in which parts of the house you are thinking to fix. There are specialized shutters designed for protection from storm, insulating shutters, elliptical shutters which are slightly curved and have blunted ends and works best if you are regularly going to open and close the movable planks. Fixed louvers are used mostly in closets or even room dividers.

Not red, blue or green!

It is best to go with neutral colours like white or any pale colour or our always-in-style wood finish. These colours would usually go well with most decors and you won’t have to change nor repaint every time to suit your interiors.

Durability vs. splendour

Though wooden shutters give that rustic and exemplary look, you should research a little before deciding on the type of wood you want in your home. The best choice of durable wood is usually Cedar wood or even Polywood which ensure durability. Wooden shutters may need polishing or repainting once in a while, and could be an advantage if you are changing your decor. If you are hell bent on choosing wooden shutters, then don’t crunch up your budget on that one.

Vinyl shutters on the other hand last much longer and are easier to maintain than wooden ones, not to mention the cash you save!