Liven Up Your Home With Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are one of the most beautiful ways to decorate the windows of a home. They add so much character to a room as well as putting in just the slightest hint of history. There are two different kinds of shutters to choose from. Standard and plantation shutters. There is only a slight difference between the two. Plantation shutters are manufactured with wider louvers. This lets in more light, have more space between each one, (approximately 1 1/8″) and are often seen on older style houses in the south though the style has moved to every area of the country. Traditional shutters tend to be thinner with more slats used for the look they give to a room.

Another thing about shutters is that they can be painted or stained. Do it your-selfers can opt for naked, faux wood styles that are paintable or stainable so the home owner has the opportunity to make the project his own. This is the same for all of the style choices. If this method is not desirable there is still the option of hiring a professional to install pre-made products.

Many companies take custom orders since every home is not the same. Different styles of windows make it necessary to create exactly what the customer wants in their home. The shutters have several sizes to be made in, especially with many modern built homes being made with custom windows that cover whole walls and so forth. This can be a challenge for those individuals who want to find the dressings they want at a store and just put them up.

All shutters are made in either single or double panes. This means that they can have only one panel that opens on each side of the window or they are made with two. The dual style is beautiful in its own right and offers a lovely way to open them leaving an old style look to the rooms. They can be opened with the slide to allow the louvers to open for an abridged version of the light outside or they can be opened to the outer walls bringing inside all the warmth and excitement of spring or summer sunshine.

Companies such as Home Depot and Lowes offer an excellent selection of shutter options and can order customized sets as well. Each homeowner is looking for a certain look so they are likely to want a different color with every order. This is easy to do. When the customized measurements are taken by the owner or a professional shutter installation tech, the shutter order is then sent to the manufacturer. There are several of these out there like Levolor, Shutter Land, Allen & Roth and more too. The preferred brand is chosen and ordered with the precise measurements of each pane. Depending on the order they can actually be built and colored within a week of the order. This will depend on their work load at the time. Most manufacturers tell customers ahead of time if this is the case. If the company is within the Continental United States there is less of a wait time for shipping.

Experts with this kind of window treatment are available at home improvement stores and sometimes with large corporations as well. The company can send their professionals out to a home, at no extra charge, to measure and record every window that the resident wants installed. They discuss the specifics that the owner wants to achieve with the installation of these window dressings and are able to offer advice and options because of their extensive knowledge in this area. Color coordination, window size versus the shutters wanted, and scheduling are all handled at this level with the individual and technician coming to an agreeable solution to their needs.

As with any competitive industry there is always someone else who wants to offer a better price than the company chosen. Because of all the greatly experienced people in this field it may become a chore to choose just the right one. To help in this endeavor there are reviews of each company and their customer opinions often will help to make this important decision. In the long run, however, the most important thing is that the shutters that go into the home offer all the beauty and satisfaction that the home owner was looking for.

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