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Shutters and blinds are two of the most well liked window treatments today. These types of window covering can either be manipulated manually or can be motorized. Materials used may depend on the type of shutter. The following are few of the most well liked shutter in the present day: cedar shutters, bamboo shutters and one of the most popular type of shutter, plantation shutters. They are practically used for privacy and to block the sunlight from coming inside the house. They are the ultimate window treatments for your home.

They have become a popular window treatment because it can add a classy vibe to the windows of a home or any structure. With their sleek design, taste of classiness and style, this type of window treatment will never be out of trend. If you are planning an upgrade for your window covering, plantation shutters is definitely worth the try. Moreover, these sophisticated shutters can easily complement any furniture inside a house. It is one of the ideal window treatment because it can also go alone without any curtains or drapes.

With the right window expert, a plantation shutter can be installed in any window of the house. They are normally installed in the interior part of the window, so it can be easily manipulated. Nevertheless, this type of shutters is quick and easy to install.

Among all of the window shutters, plantation shutters is the most conservative one in terms of saving energy. It is the most environmental friendly compared to other shutters because it is made out of wood and does not need so much energy or electricity. It provides the best insulation and controls direct sunlight much better than the other shutters and other window treatments. If do not prefer a motorized shutter, you just have to manually adjust it to control the sunlight from coming inside your space. It also prevents extreme cold breeze from coming inside the house, especially during winter time.

Another reason why a lot of people are into plantation shutters is because they are also low maintenance and can easily be cleaned. When cleaning, you do not have to reach the inside part of the shutter, you just need to clean the outer part of the cover with a clean cloth. Do not apply any liquid to clean these shutters because it might cause cracking and fading.

It has been a trend to houses as it showcases a simple yet elegant look inside and outside the house. You can often see it on the window of terraces, kitchen, bedrooms and doors. Sliding glass doors can be dress up with shutters too because it adds more stability and it also protects kids who are still learning to walk, although it is can be a difficult undertaking for every interior decorator to install it.

These shutters are made manually by sand papers, meaning, they did not use any machine to carve the designs for the woods that were used. Although finishing it with sand papers is quite a lengthy process, it brings forth precision of the finish product. However, other customers like to have their Plantation shutters custom-made. Perhaps some designs are made by using sand papers and nails for carving intricate designs and shapes for the shutters.

Plantation shutters are the best shutters for your home. It gives a good aura inside your room when you look at it, and also it is one of the nicest interior designs for your windows. Because it controls the sunlight and also it has different sorts which is eco-friendly.

Today, the window treatment industry is evolving to be an uphill trend especially for home owners. In choosing the best shutters for your home always choose the type of wood that are durable and prominent such as, Teak, Walnut and Red Alder. Also make sure that the shutters you choose should have a quality premium finish and it is coated with acrylic latex and water reducible lacquer. Other than wood, window manufacturers offer a better alternative for those who are in a budget. Some window manufacturers use a variety of synthetic materials like vinyl, in making plantation shutter because they are easy to maintain, are highly durable, lighter and a bit cheaper than the ones made from wood.

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