Decorating Windows With Interior Vinyl Shutters

When decorating a home, the costs involved in completing a home’s design can get pricey. This can be particularly hard for new homeowners, who are usually on a budget, but there are ways to keep a home looking stylish, clean, and bright without breaking a bank account. One great way to save on decorating a home is to consider indoor and outdoor vinyl shutters.

Vinyl shutters can be used indoors or outdoors to add character to a home. While shutters are less likely to be used to protect from the elements these days, with modern conveniences like the air conditioner and window screens replacing some of their functions, they can still have their practical uses. For instance, interior ones are a great way to control the amount of sunlight coming in a room, which can help decrease furniture fading that exposure to sunlight, over time, can cause not only in furniture, but also in carpets, wall hangings, and wall paper and paint. With these interior shutters, one can adjust the louvers so less sunlight comes in the room when the sun is beating right on this area of the house. Less sunlight exposure can protect furniture and other upholstery from fading from a significant time.

Also, they can still be used to control the heat and cold allowed to enter the home. Interior shutters can be closed in the winter to prevent any drafts coming in through any cracks in the window’s seals, and they can be closed against the heat of the sun in the summer to keep the temperature down, which means the air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard, and that can further help reduce heating and cooling bills.

These window treatments are also very durable and easy to clean. Vinyl can be wiped clean, and since it is not a porous material like wood is, it will not soak up stains from water or other spills. Vinyl will last for years, and it stands up well to humidity. Cracking and peeling isn’t a problem with outdoor window treatments of this type, since they aren’t painted. However, in extreme weather conditions, vinyl can bend and warp with time, but some of these vinyl shutters will come with a lifetime warranty. Its not just extreme weather conditions that will affect your window treatments, a reoccurring splash of water leaking from your gutters can affect the look and quality of this over time too. This is why regular maintenance of the outside of your home is critical and it’s as easy as using a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning St Louis area or any other service needed, to keep on top of this. Doing this will enable homeowners to keep the aesthetic of their window treatments and keep their character.

Another advantage of these indoor and outdoor window treatments is their price. Consumers can expect to pay up to forty percent less for vinyl shutters than they would for wooden ones.

The indoor variety comes in plantation or traditional style. Plantation style generally has larger louvers, and often use an elliptical style louver these days, which are stronger than the older, flat style louver, due to their shape that is thicker in the middle, while tapering at the front and back. Traditional style shutters, which are often also called colonial style, are smaller, and have flat louvers or wedge-shaped ones with a ridge running down the center. Traditional shutters generally come in a greater variety of panel configurations than plantation ones do, but the plantation style is considered more contemporary. Plantation style is more suited to larger windows, while traditional style works great for smaller windows, particularly ones that may be divided into sections.

Outdoor shutters are rarely used for practical protection from harsher weather conditions these days, but they can still beautify a home. If one has a heritage home that was built in the early days of America, exterior vinyl window treatments can give it that historical look at an affordable price, and require less maintenance than wood window treatments do. They can also add a splash of striking color to the outside of a drab home, upping the aesthetic value.

So while shutters aren’t used for as many practical purposes as they once were, they can still help keep a home cool or warm, whether used on the exterior or interior of the home, and they can help keep sunlight from fading the furniture and upholstery. They are great for privacy, and require less maintenance than even curtains, as they don’t have to be constantly taken down and washed, but rather can be easily wiped dry with a damp cloth. Not to mention, they last a lot longer than curtains will. Since they are also more affordable than their wooden alternative, it is easy to see why vinyl shutters make a great, economical choice for beautifying the home inside and out.

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