Choosing Interior Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are a clean traditional way to finish a window. Shutters are the ideal window treatment for beach cottage windows and summer vacation homes. Any window from which full views or air flow are desired would benefit from the versatility of wood shutters.

Traditional Shutters are attached to hinges on the outer edges so they can be closed or swung open to let the sun rays in. They usually have the capacity to fold, allowing for partial sunlight exposure and the narrow movable louvers rotate open or close and many stages in between to filter light into the room. If you close them, they offer complete privacy and darkness.

Plantation shutters are also used indoors. Unlike traditional shutters, plantation shutters open on one set of hinges and do not fold and are single tiered shutters. Their simpler construction makes them ideal for an office or sitting room. The clean lines easily accommodate a room with streamlined decor and no-nonsense accessories. Shutters are usually used alone for window dressings. They make a bold decorating statement by themselves.

The wood used to make the shutters is normally made of basswood. This wood is stained to resemble several different wood types. Traditional shutters use wedge-shaped louvers at 1 and one-quarter inch wide. They may be cafe style, which means they cover the lower window only or they may be two-piece, as a shutter unit with top and bottom shutters. Plantation shutters start at 1 and one-eighth wide louvers and go up to two and one-half, three, three and one-half, and four inch thick louvers. Plantation louvers are elliptical in shape.

On a breezy day open your windows and leave your shutters closed with the louvers, partly opened for the unhampered flow of a gentle breeze through your rooms. Watch the play of light on your shutters and the branches of trees dance from side to side. Enjoy the sounds of nature that you normally miss when you’re tightly locked away in your home. Interior wood shutters make you part of nature by allowing you the opportunity to interact with it.

You can buy interior wood shutters in several finishes, cherry, walnut, mahogany, ash, red oak, maple, dark walnut, pecan, and English chestnut. It also comes in painted shades. A custom finish can also be procured. Wood stained finished is generally more traditional, but depending on the purpose and look of the room painted shutters may be more appropriate. You can also buy shutters unfinished.

You can customize your shutters further by selecting the finish on the hardware. Antique brass, bright brass, or silver hinges will set you shutters off or blend subtly in with the finish of the wood. The hinges may not be the first thing you notice, but if the correct finish is not chosen, it will be noticed for all the wrong reasons. So, carefully chose your hinge finish.

The shutter is offered in many finished looks. The various constructions allow for different panel configurations. The one tier construction is a single shutter running the full length of the window. The cafe configuration covers only the lower portion of the window. Then there’s the one tier with divider rail which is simply an area without louvers. It’s usually about 3-4 inches wide and centered in the panel. Two tier shutters have a top and bottom that open independently; one can be closed while the other is open.
The shutter has multiple parts some parts are movable and others are stationary. The stile is the vertical outer frame of the shutter. It is beaded for added detail. The top rail does exactly what the name implies; it sits at the very top of the shutter and is a minimum of two and one-half inches high. The bottom rail once again does what the name implies and sits at the bottom of the shutter and is a minimum of two and one-quarter inches high. The moveable parts are the louvers which are tapered front to back and spaced on one inch centers. The tilt bar moves to adjust the louver position, open, closed or partially opened.

Interior wood shutters are great window covering for the right decor. Their versatility allow for many ways to achieve privacy and allow light into your home. If you prefer to leave your windows open, you’re in luck if you have shutters for your home. You can have open windows and still have privacy with semi-closed louvers. In fact for the clean, traditional look they provide you a with a crisp wonderfully versatile window covering.

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