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Outdoor Sun Shades:

Enjoy the summer, stay out of the sun!

You don’t have to suffer through  the sweltering summer sun for one more minute! Shade Shutters Blinds has come to the rescue with our all-new line of Outdoor Solar Shades – perfect for outdoor patios, pool rooms and more!

outdoor solar shades

Want to cover one of those huge bay windows from the outside? No problem! Our weather-resistant shades are formulated specifically for outdoor conditions.

Outdoor Sunscreen Shades feature a see-through material allows you to have an outdoor experience while being protected from the sun and harmful UV rays. Solar shades operate very similarly to the traditional roller shade and are totally weather proof.

Here’s some of our favorite highlights and characteristics of our Outdoor Sunscreen Shades:

  • Designed with the highest quality, weather-proof fabrics and components that are built to last
  • Choose between various openness to control how much sunlight penetrates through the fabric
  • A complete palette of 16 colors and textures to select from
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty (Please review our Warranty Disclaimer for more information)
  • Available with motorization to make your outdoor experience even more relaxing!

outdoor sun shades

Find out more by visiting our online store or calling our window covering experts at 800-789-8583! LiveChat also available. 

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