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Blinds And Curtains: Alike But Different

Sunlight is really good to see at home, but too much of it isn’t. Good thing there are curtains that keep those unwanted rays.

But curtains sometimes tend to get broken easily with all the possible dangers in the house: stains, scissors, shears, open wires, and even kids. Curtains also have the disadvantage of having high maintenance. Since dust and dirt on curtains can’t be cleaned by the usual feather dusters, nor sucked by vacuum cleaners simply, cleaning curtains entail a cumbersome method of taking them off the curtain rod and washed by bulky washing machines. This is not at all what you have in mind in maintaining your home fixtures and decors.

It’s good then that blinds were created. They’re sturdy, neat, easy-to-use and to maintain, and after all serves the same purpose as that of curtains.

Just as curtains come in different fabrics, blinds could also be in different form and material: they could be plastic, paper, and or wood: bringing you a variety of options to choose from. But what stands out among the three is wood.

Wooden blinds give a homey and contemporary feel that plastic and vinyl don’t emit. Here’s a complete run down of the pros and cons of the three, and a complete proof why wood remains to be the best option:

Plastic Blinds
• Fairly sturdy
• Very affordable
• An accent for modernized homes
• Fragile (depending on the quality and thickness of plastic used)
• Not easy-to-maintain (dusts sticks to it strongly especially when the atmosphere is humid)

Paper Blinds
• A beautiful and eye-catching accent for Asian-inspired homes
• Permits proper ventilation
• Fairly affordable
• Not at all sturdy
• Very delicate
• Not easy-to-maintain

Wooden Blinds
• Highly sturdy
• Accents almost any room at all (contemporary and modernized)
• Creates a homey feel
• Easy-to-maintain (dusts don’t stick strongly to the surface)
• Permits fair ventilation
• Long-term use
• Tend to be expensive

You see what I mean now? Wood is just the best option.

The Increasing Demand

With the stark rustic and warm touch wooden blinds offer just about every room, it is plain to see why it became a popular option for not only American households, but also, all over the world. The fact that it’s durable and can provide quality insulation also contribute to this fad.

Warehouses and decoration stores are two of the best places to choose your own blinds. The internet could also be a means of looking for one that would fit your house well. This even provides you with round-the-globe options.

Just as a wooden blind has proliferated the modern scene, unlimited discounts also flooded the entire market. You can now feel happy of purchasing one with not minding too much about your wallet. Anyways, buying one that could last a lifetime is absolutely worth every penny.

Wood You Please

Wooden blinds are not uncommon to see nowadays especially in homes which also have the same basic material. These blinds are so manageable that people don’t even mind them to be placed in almost any window they have. Plus! this type of blinds easily brings out a cozy feel to the house, and accentuates every angle of any window, be it wooden, metal, or glass.

The difference in a wooden blind create is really surprising. They are quite pleasing to the eyes when it comes to eclectic designs. Light draperies are a good match for having wooden blinds: the two just simply complement each other both in design and in use. This even makes the room sophisticated, and it even keeps the room cool in the summer season.

Reasons Why Wood Deserves To be On Top

If you don’t have a wooden blind for your house yet, and you still are in doubt of getting one, then you should at least take note of the following upbeats to this type of blind/decor:

• Easy to maintain
• Accentuates the room
• Protects you from too much sunlight
• Sturdy and flat as compared to curtains and other blind materials
• Long-term benefits and use
• Brings the element of nature

Bring in some wooden blinds to your house today, and start feeling the difference it makes!

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