Child Safety and the role of Cordless Cell Shades

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When it comes to your child’s safety there is no greater desire than to make sure that the place you call home is not a potential risk to those that mean the most to you. In the past couple of years the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) has stepped up its efforts to reduce the number of deaths each year attributed to strangulation from cording on shades and corded blinds. CPSC is working in conjunction with well known Window Covering manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas™, Levelor™, and Graber™. The Shades and Blinds most affected by the recent recalls are mostly foreign made coming primarily out of China. Of the millions of shades that have been recalled most are ready made shades that are carried by the largest retailers such as Home Depot™, Lowes™, Walmart™, Target™, Pier One™, and Bed Bath and Beyond™.

Shades Shutter Blinds requires all of its manufacturers to provide proof that all of the products supplied to them and ultimately to you the consumer are CPSC approved. The single greatest danger from these shades and blinds is the cording on the back side of the shades and blinds which can be pulled out away from the shade allowing the child to stick their head through and wrap it around their neck.

Shades Shutters Blinds offers a proven safe alternative to the Made in China shades and blinds. Child safe, custom made, and domestically produced Cordless Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb shades which remove the chance of a child getting harmed with cording. The Cordless features on these Cell Shades provide you with the assurance and knowledge that when you buy your Cell shades with this option there will not be a potential hazard in the house for children or pets. Protecting the most precious things in our lives is a priority for us at As consumers looking for value and beauty for something we will enjoy for many years, we should not ever have to wonder whether anything we purchase poses a risk to the people that count on us for their safety.

In addition to the benefits just described above these Child Safe Cordless Cell shades provide excellent insulation values that are able to keep the heat out during the summer as well as keep the cold out during the cold days of winter. There are a variety of fabrics in our Cell Shade line offering such as 3/8” Double cell, ¾” Single cell, and 9/16” Single cell. All of these Cell shade fabrics are available in Light Filtering and Black out fabrics. Light Filtering fabrics are a great choice for diffusing light and adding privacy in all areas of the home.

Cordless Cell Shades provide the maximum amount of assurance when it comes to Child Safety as well as providing the beauty and value that style=”margin: 5px;” you are searching for now that you know that it is safe to put in your home.

For more information about determining if your shades or blinds are safe go here:

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    The information shown above can help provide a safer place for children this will guide them on what to do and how to control the situation by using appropriate actions. Thanks for sharing this.

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