Cleaning Tips for Cellular Shades

There’s those certain times of year that we tend to focus more on cleaning our homes and getting furniture and fixtures in tip-top shape. Whether it’s right before a big Christmas party, the day before a family dinner or just plain old “spring cleaning” time, don’t forget about cleaning those window shades!  Despite the fact that we admire nature’s wonder through our windows, many times we neglect the coverings that adorn these fixtures.

Owners of cellular shades might be fearful of washing them due to their dainty structure. However, keeping these delicate window coverings clean allows them to bring an extra pop of “wow” into your home for many years to come.

cleaning cellular shades

Below you will find some helpful tips for keeping your honeycomb shades stunning:

1)   Always use a white lint-free washcloth. Colored washcloths can bleed onto your shades, adding unwanted tones.

2)   Dampening your wash cloth with warm water is the preferred method for cleaning cellular shades. However, if you have to use a detergent be sure that it is gentle and clear. Detergent that you use on your clothing should do the trick, but again, make sure that it is free of colors.

3)   Scrub your shades very gently to remove dust and debris. Do not pull or yank on the fabric, as you could easily warp the structure of the product.

4)   After you are done cleaning, make it a habit to vacuum your blinds with the brush attachment when you are cleaning your floors. This will prevent future dust and debris from caking onto your freshly cleaned shades!

As always, the manufacturer knows best – when in doubt, read the product manual that is included with your shipment or call for more information.  Our staff is here to help as well, so feel free to call us anytime!

Check back soon for more cleaning tips and techniques that will help keep your home and your blinds beautiful!

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