How Insulating Shades Can Help Your Energy Bill

Everyone is interested in saving money. So what would you say if you found out there was a way your window treatments could help you save money on your energy bill?

It’s true; your choice of window treatments can drastically affect your windows’ ability to conserve energy. So, the next time you shop for window treatments think energy savings as well as aesthetics.

Insulating shades are your best option for energy conservation. When the shades are down, the interior of the blinds form a series of empty cells in the shape of a honeycomb. These cells trap air, which serves as the insulation for the room.

Since this air near the window cannot move, the airflow around the window is drastically reduced. The air directly in contact with your window is highly impacted by the temperature of the air outside. Since insulating blinds serve to isolate that air, it is unable to affect the air in the rest of the room. This helps your energy bill by drastically reducing the effect of outside forces on your internal temperature, for example, if a business wanted to save money when using energy to heat up their office, installing these blinds could save them usage time decreasing the energy bill by the end of the month, for further savings the office could look into different energy providers and their quotes by looking at sites like Utility Bidder that allow utility consumers to compare the prices from different providers.

For years, single celled blinds have been the norm for insulating blinds. Recently designers have developed a double celled design. Single celled blinds can reach an insulating value of R-2. A double layer honeycomb blind can be rated as high as R-5.

With a double layer honeycomb blind you have two layers of cells serving the function of the one in a single celled design. In a single honeycomb blind, the one layer serves as a barrier between the window and the room. In a double layer blind, one layer serves to insulate the window and the other insulates the room effectively doubling the protection.

Because of the science behind it, insulating shades can dramatically impact your energy consumption. If you are looking to save money on energy costs, consider switching over to insulating shades.

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