Buy American Blinds For Quality And Value

Blinds are a beautiful way to finish off the look of your windows. Buying blinds is a big investment, so make sure the blinds you buy will be long lasting to get the most bang for your buck. Buying blinds made in the USA will help make sure your blinds are made of top quality materials that will last and look great for years to come.

American blinds & shades are manufactured with high quality materials that have been approved as safe by EPA standards. Ensuring the blinds you hang in your kitchen, bedrooms and in windows of other rooms are free from harmful chemicals and toxins provides peace of mind and helps protect your family’s health. Additionally, blinds made in the USA will meet or exceed all child safety regulations standards set forth by governmental and consumer agencies. Blinds can pose significant choking and strangulation hazards to children and pets, so it is absolutely imperative you select blinds that have built-in, childproof safety features if you have children or pets in your home.

Buying American cuts down on shipping and delivery time. Instead of waiting for overseas shipping and delivery, blinds made in the USA are ready to ship out to your home in less than twenty-four hours in most cases. Buying products made in the USA cuts down on resources consumed for shipping and packaging items overseas and helps lessen your carbon footprint.

American blinds are made with pride by skilled workers who pay attention to detail. Carrying the made in the USA label has been synonymous with quality for years and blinds manufactured in the USA are no exception. Using the latest in plastics and vinyl technology, blinds made in the USA are lightweight and durable. Capable of blocking sun and heat, providing privacy and helping keep in warmth during winter’s coldest months, American blinds provide a beautiful and practical layer of design, insulation and protection for your windows.

American blinds are made in many shades and sizes to fit all the windows in your home. Whether you want traditional white blinds or prefer classic wooden blinds, you will find the style of blind you want by an American blind manufacturer. Blinds are available in many slat sizes and with various treatments and finishes. Vinyl blinds designed to look like wood, bamboo, and other woods are commonly used to mimic the look of expensive hardwood blinds and cost significantly less than real wood blinds. Of course, if your budget allows, traditional wooden blinds made in the USA will give you a terrific return on your financial investment with beautiful, durable and long-term use. In fact, wooden blinds made in the USA are often left with the house when it is sold as part of the home’s sale price.

American blinds offer high quality choices that you can trust to be free from harmful plastics. Since they meet EPA standards and child safety regulations, American blinds are free from toxic chemicals and have child safety features you can trust. Buying made in the USA blinds is a great way to beautify and insulate your home while ensuring everything you use is safe, durable and long lasting.

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