A General Overview On Wood Blinds

Wood blind is considered one of the most versatile and effective window treatment options. The screen offers a natural look and enables to perfectly insulate a room from heat or cold. This is highly durable in nature and comes in varying sizes, patterns, colors to complement any type of home and office decor. This can be easily customized to be mounted on non-standard or standard sized window frames.

Wood blind is generally crafted using either bass or ramin wood. Bass is extremely sturdy and lightweight with a unique grainy trait. It is suitable for staining purposes and facilitates to achieve an elegant feel to a room. The lumber is superior in quality and can be used to make varying patterns, carvings based on the choice. On the other hand, ramin timber is less expensive and is usually designed with a 2” valance at the top to conceal the metal head bars.

Wood blind is available in a wide range to ideally suit a living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even office space. Vertical or Venetian screen is one of the popular types and is used on large-size windows. It comprises of vertical slats and is sold in several color tones, stains to coordinate with any interior style. Nowadays, thick size slat is being employed in the making process to prevent distortion owing to heavy exposure to sunlight, rain or other external factors.

Similarly, there is faux shade which is economical and long-lasting as authentic wood. This can be conveniently used in both warm and humid areas like bathrooms, beach homes as it holds the properties to resist moisture damages. It is shaped in polyvinyl foamed chloride plastic or using a blend of timber and vinyl. The treatment is easy to maintain and helps to protect the interiors from harmful ultra violet rays. The key benefit of installing faux screens is it is scratch-resistant and does not split or crack with extensive usage.

Woven screen or bamboo wood blind is another type that is blended by jointly weaving bamboo strips with a decorative thread. The shade is priced depending on the intricacy of the design and pattern. This is crafted using natural renewable resources and can be raised or lowered with a roll up cord or other mechanisms in an effortless manner. It provides high level of privacy and is a best alternative to prevent intense light from seeping into the interiors.

Composite shade is the other window covering made from polymer and wooden products. This is a newer model which is available in a variety of widths and heights to properly fit any sized casement. The awning adds a touch of flair and aids to enhance the beauty of a room. Likewise, there is horizontal covering which is suitable for small windows. It is sold in a range of stains like ash, mahogany, cherry, natural timber, etc. This can be easily mounted and does not accumulate dust or other harmful pollutants on the slats.

With the growing use, it is essential to clean a wood blind in the appropriate manner to maintain the appearance and durability of the awnings. It is best to wipe the screens on a daily basis with a dry cloth to sustain the texture for a long time. However, it would be ideal to avoid using water or soap as it could result in discoloration and also cause other damages. The other method is to vacuum by moving a cleaner brush in a gentle way on the slats. The same can also used on woven shades. While bristle type brush can be applied encase the dust gets trapped within the crevices of the coverings.

In the same way, it is vital to consider few major aspects when shopping for wood blind. The foremost factor is to take into account the placement and type of shade intending to purchase. Following it is necessary to obtain the right measurements of the window size to avoid opting for over-sized models. It would also be worthwhile to ascertain the quality of the timber, head rail, tilt and lift mechanisms for a lasting usage. Above all, it would be perfect to select wooden awnings from branded online or retails shops that sell at budgeted rates. It can thus be regarded that wood blind is the right solution to achieve a fashionable and sophisticated look to an interior design.

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