The Functional Design Of Blackout Shades

The new design of blackout shades is being widely used in many homes. These products have the ability to create rooms of optimal darkness for use with media devices. Many homes have computers or large screen TVs which can be hard to see when light reflects off the screen. The blackout roller shades solve this problem while also creating a visually appealing space for the window. The shades designed with this maximum light filtering ability are available in different textures and colors with some having decorative prints on them.

In addition to the blackout shades constructed with fabric, there are also styles available with the added ability to be energy efficient. Energy saving blackout shades are created with cells rather than with flat pieces of fabric. The cell shape is what provides both the light blocking and energy saving ability. These shades can be used in any room of the house, including bedrooms.


  1. Bjorn Button says:

    I have used blackout shades for media purposes and personally love them. My wife on the other hand thinks they are ugly and would prefer blinds. Are there any blackout blinds on the market? I’d like to enjoy my media while my wife enjoys the look and feel of our home.

  2. richieweird says:

    Blinds are used to keep away light, wind and sometimes darkness too and to add a little bling or color to a room. A little room can be turned into a comfy den yet kept simple if selection of the screen material is proper

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