Blackout Shades: providing a great night’s sleep – for less!

Everyone knows that getting a good night’s rest is very important for our health and well-being.  However, doing so might be difficult if you have extra light seeping through your window, whether it is from the moon, streetlights, or rising sun.

Fortunately, Blackout Cellular Shades, Roller Shades and Blinds and Discount Blackout Shades can shut out the extra light, allowing you to get the rest your body needs. These blinds are also visually appealing and look great – in any light!

Blackout Shades are versatile and can be used for any room in your house.  The bedroom is the most obvious, but you can also use them in your den or living room for increased privacy.  Blackout Shades are also ideal for media rooms, where the sun’s glare can interfere with your TV screen or computer monitors. With Blackout Shades and Blinds, using curtains to block out light are a thing of the past! Blackout Shades are actually cheaper than curtains, and feature all the characteristics of a blind so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for privacy. (Side note: we cannot say the same for the sheets and aluminum foil that was used to darken your college dorm rooms!

Blackout Blinds and Shades do not require complete darkness at all times – when you do want to allow extra light into your space, the blinds can be adjusted accordingly. Simply adjust the blinds upwards until you get the desired amount of illumination and then adjust them back down when it’s time to sleep or watch a movie.

If you are not getting enough sleep because of too much light, there’s no excuse for you not to order Blackout Shades  from Shades Shutters Blinds TODAY!  They are the ultimate solution for keeping your room dark, cool and comfortable. Browse the gallery below and see for yourself!

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Blackout blinds block light efficiently due to their unique design, structure, and materials that they are created from. Traditional blinds and curtains cannot offer this advantage, though they can filter out SOME annoying light and harmful UV rays.

Even though the common phrase is, “don’t live in the dark”, we disagree in this case. When you are seeking your best night’s sleep, check out our selection of Blackout Shades and start living in the dark – tonight!

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