Bringing Nature in with Woven Wood Shades

A home is only a home when one is comfortable there, and only when the look and feel is inviting. One very successful design element that can only enhance windows and the structure  is woven wood shades. The simplicity of the woven patterns, or the complexity of the processed and thinned wood fibers; both combine to add the perfect decor to a room.

Window treatments are often overlooked when planning an interior, when thinking of color or pattern. However, the windows are the connection to the outdoors, to nature itself. A proven method of bringing nature inside a home, of having that natural texture and tone that only real wood can provide is by applying woven wood shades to a room.

Often made from exotic and strong woods such as bamboo, woven wood shades are available in an endless number of colors, from natural clear coats to dyes and painted finishes. They can be as simple as grass weaves, or as rich as full bamboo materials. Additionally, they offer a strength that traditional plastic and metal blinds simply can’t match, holding up well over time and not giving in to the stresses of everyday use and abuse. They range in cost to fit even the tightest budgets and can feature popular options such as top-down/ bottom-up mounting which allows unmatched versatility in light management by letting the shades be opened from bottom or top. Additional modern conveniences such as motorized remote operations also can bring the natural look of wood into the twenty-first century of luxury.

Design is about taking into account three things: the nature of the space, the nature of those who will enjoy that space, and the nature of the furniture and other elements within that space. The background of a room is much like the background in a work of art and overlooked window treatments can ruin the overall palette. Woven wood shades are the natural spark that can enrich and liven that palette, making a home a home and a space worth living in.

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