How to Build and Install a Fixed Arch

First, take out the arch. The”V” part where the sticker is located is the bottom of the arch. The longer plexi-glass goes in the middle and the shorter ones go on the end in that order. The small screw holes will drill into the plexi-glass.

Without doing anything with the plexi-glass (we will get to that in a minute), drill the screws provided from the bottom of the bottom piece.


Have the screws slightly protrude from the top (maybe a quarter inch).


Now it is time to add the plexi-glass. SLOWLY drill from the bottom into the plexi-glass. This is the most delicate stage of building the arch. Go slow and if it isn’t super tight, don’t worry. The arch gets stronger once you put the slats in.





For arches that are sitting on a ledge or window sill, with the slits facing inside the room, simply screw down through the bottom rail into the wood beneath the arch. You are drilling down through the bottom part at the location you see as a best fit. This hole is not pre-drilled for you. I like to use the back behind the plexi-glass so you do not see it but ledges have different depths so use what is best.










For arches that are sitting on top of wooden or faux wood blinds, it is the same concept. Take your existing blind out of the brackets. Put your arch carefully on top of the brackets. Drill from the bottom of the bracket up into the bottom of the arch. Again, there are no holes to guide you. You need to choose the best spot. Once that is done, put the blind back into the brackets.
















Once the arch is firmly in place, it is now time to install the slats. Start with the biggest slat at the bottom and then work your way up. You can feel the arch getting stronger as you add the slats. Adjust the slats so they are straight. You are then done. TIP: For arches on top of an existing blind, if that blind has a valance, pull the valance up to hide the light gap.






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