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Shades Shutters Blinds is one of the largest online retailers for custom, American made blinds, shades and shutters. We are proud to support the US economy by using American manufacturers of custom-made, quality blinds.


Besides showing your patriotism, there are added benefits to having your custom window treatments being manufactured in the United States.

made in america shades shutters blinds

First of all, our US-based customer service and sales representatives can easily contact the manufacturer of the products you order.

We don’t outsource our call center. When you talk to one of our representatives, you are talking to someone based in America. So when our representative needs to call the manufacturer, they can get a hold of someone right away.This means any questions or concerns you have and options or specifications you may need can be communicated quickly and concisely with our partners working behind the scenes.

Secondly, the products you buy will benefit more than just you and your lovely home. (Although we promise, your windows or doors will look fabulous!)

Your purchase will benefit American workers and their families at all levels of the supply chain.This means you are stimulating the United States economy from the time you order to the time your custom window coverings are delivered.

Another reason to jump for joy for Made in America blinds, shades and shutters: you get your order FAST!

You won’t have to wait for deliveries from another country to be shipped to your home. This means you can finish decorating that dining room window with plantation shutters or that sliding door with vertical blinds FASTER.

After all, Shades Shutters Blinds promises easy ordering of affordable blinds.

And using American companies in the manufacturing of your window coverings helps us fulfill our promise to you.

  Made in America Blinds

Need new blinds, shades or shutters for your windows? Browse our Made in America blinds, shades & shutters collection and give a job to someone in your own backyard.

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