Spring Window Treatment Ideas

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Are you looking for some spring window treatment ideas? Look no further than the experts at Shades Shutters Blinds.

spring window treatment ideas

1. Refresh:

The first element to getting your windows ready for spring is to give them a good old fashioned refresh. What do we mean by “refresh”? Clean. Before you make decisions about which of your windows needs new blinds-make sure you know exactly what you’re dealing with. The best way to start your decision making process is to get all those window coverings in tip-top shape. You can read our articles on Cleaning Cellular Shades or Roman Shades, which can be the among the trickiest of shades to figure out how to clean properly.

So they’re all looking clean: what’s next?


Once you’ve decided which blinds go and which blinds stay, take a little time to restore those that are going to be staying on your windows. Order replacement tassels or tilt wands that may have aged or fell into disrepair. You can read our post on how to fix blinds for more tips.

3. Replace:

THIS is the fun part! If you’ve decided that those blidns in the kitchen or the living room have just GOT to go, here’s what’s in this spring for window decor ideas. If you’re getting rid of the entire windows, go and check window replacement austin.

Lightweight Fabrics

Let the breezes flow with lightweight, looser fabrics.Woven woods could be an ideal choice, their loose weave allows air and light through. Or consider sheer shades, which is another of our spring window treatment ideas.

Bright, cool colors

spring window treatment ideas spring window treatment ideas

Darker, deeper colors bring in warmth and serenity into the room, but spring is more about cool, bright room tones. Consider Cordless Honeycomb Shades in colors like Bluegrass or Tulip Yellow with a light-filtering option. (Picture above) For bigger windows and openings, consider Fabric Vertical Blinds, which are both light-weight and available with spring-invoking colors like Ithaca Soleil Sky Blue or Athens Taffy. (Pictured below)

spring window treatment ideas spring window treatment ideas

Go bare, let the sun in

You may love your drapery, but, at least for spring, there’s a definitely value to taking them down and fitting your windows with more the more minimalist Plantation Shutters or Faux Wood Blinds. They’ll let through the sun and give a cool vibe to the room.

spring window treatment ideas

Sheer springtime

Sheer is the ultimate spring window covering. Although the benefits of Sheer Shades may come up quite frequently in our posts-they always seem to find a way to perfectly embody the window decor trend of the moment.

Spring window treatment ideas Spring window treatment ideas

Their near- transparent fabrics are light-weight, sunlight enhancing and minimalist. They’re available in colors like Linen Marshmallow and Sand (pictured above in listed order) to bring the finally pleasant weather into the hues and tones of the room.

spring window treatment ideas

The experts at Shades Shutters Blinds hope these spring window treatment ideas give you some inspiration for bringing springtime into your home through your windows!

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