5 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

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Getting a big tax refund this year from Uncle Sam? Instead of blowing it all away, why not find a smart investment choice for those extra dollars? We’ve included just a few below.

5 smart uses for your tax refund

  1. Using your refund to pay off a balance with an 18% interest rate is like earning 18% on your investments — an incredibly valuable use of the money. And if you pay off your balances, you can afford to close some cards that are now charging high fees.

  2. Many people have raided their emergency fund over the past several years and have had little extra money to restore it. You could use your refund to start rebuilding that fund, which can help you avoid landing in credit-card debt if you have an emergency. Keep the money easily accessible in a money-market account or savings account that earns interest.

  3. It’s always hard to juggle saving for college and retirement. Here’s an opportunity to use your extra money to contribute to a 529 account. You’ll be able to use the money tax-free for college bills, and you could get a state income-tax deduction for your contribution.

  4. Set aside some money for vacation rather than using your credit card and paying interest long after you have returned. Stash your refund in a separate account, then add money automatically every week. You could also set up the account for other expenses — such as a new car or holiday gifts.

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