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Kitchens have always been one of the most special, yet utilitarian spaces in the home; it is gathering room and a place where memories unfold. However, the decor in a kitchen is often times much different than the decor in the rest of the home due to all the cooking, baking and food preparation that often happens in it.

If you’re looking to redecorate or replace some of the window treatments in your kitchen, let the experts at Shades Shutters Blinds give you some useful kitchen window decor ideas. It’s not just the windows that need decorating though. You want the whole of you kitchen to look amazing as you cook in it, so why not take a look at these quartz kitchen ideas to give you a better idea of how you could redecorate your kitchen.

Faux Wood Blinds are one of the definite” safe choices” for kitchen window decor. Their versatility means that they can be combined with drapery or curtains and can be ordered in colors that blend into the room to let the decor shine. One of our main reasons for placing Faux Wood Blinds among our foremost kitchen window decor ideas ? Their faux wood composition is very- easily cleaned and maintained. While Real Wood Blinds will soak up cooking grease and other kitchen chemicals in the pores of the wood, faux wood blinds will have no such problem and will only require a simple washcloth to clean.

kitchen window decor ideas

Pictured: Faux Wood Blinds in Kitchen

Looking for a kitchen window covering that has a little more substance to it? Composite Plantation Shutters share the same benefits for the kitchen as Faux Wood Blinds, but will give your kitchen a heavy dose of “Down Home” charm. They’re extremely durable and will be a fixture (literally; they can be added to the home’s selling price) in your kitchen for years to come.

My friend was telling me that they when they designed their kitchen they decided to focus on the blinds and faucets are focal points for their design. This friend used pull out faucet reviews for inspiration for the design of the room.

kitchen window decor ideas

Pictured: Composite Shutters in Kitchen

For those with more sleek, ultra-modern tastes, consider Sun Shades. Their slick, room-darkening material will prove easy to maintain in a kitchen and will block out the harmful UV rays that damage furniture, yet provide you with a view. These are for people who require less privacy, as Sun Shades do not offer total cover from light. Consider combining with drapery or curtains of a similar style for times when privacy is a must. Blackout Roller Shades, featuring the same functionality and similar materials, are also available for those who desire nearly-constant privacy.

kitchen window decor ideas

Pictured: Sun Shades in Kitchen

If you’re on a tight budget, consider Mini or Metal Blinds. Although not the most cutting edge of window coverings, they’ll also be very easy to clean and maintain and are extremely inexpensive. They’re also available in a large smattering of colors, so you should be able to match your existing kitchen decor with ease.

Have a sliding glass door or over-sized window in your kitchen? Consider Faux Wood or Vinyl Vertical Blinds. Panel Track Blinds, especially those constructed in the slick, room-darkening material of Solar Shades (Find them here), can also be ideal for those large openings in your kitchen.

kitchen window decor ideas

Pictured: Vinyl Vertical Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds in Kitchen

Considering Cellular or Roman Shades? We recommend you think about how much cooking and food preparation you do in your kitchen. If the answer is a lot, you may want to reconsider your choice. Cellular and Roman Shades are made of fabrics that will soak up cooking greases and smoke from the oven and are more difficult to clean than most other window coverings.

We hope we’ve given you some useful kitchen window decor ideas; if you have any more questions, feel free to call us at 800-789-8583 or start a Live Chat on our site now!

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