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Can’t make it to Mardi Gras this year? Bring New Orleans to your home with our guide to New Orleans style windows.

New Orleans is in the South-so the first window treatment that comes to mind is: you guessed it, Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters have long been associated with the southern part of the United States, and New Orleans is no exception. Take a walk down a NOLA neighborhood and we guarantee you’ll see windows covered with Plantation Shutters up and down the block. The appeal of Plantation Shutters is apparent; they’re durable, classy and they give your home that extra “oomph.” They’re not just window coverings, at Shades Shutters Blinds we believe shutters are window FURNITURE! We say this often; but we’ll say it again: Plantation Shutters are a great investment because they add value to the selling price of your home. Refer to our article on deciding between Plantation Shutters or Blinds for more specs on this timeless window treatment.

new orleans style windows

When you think of New Orleans, you probably think of standout patterns, dramatic tones and opulent decor. We do too. How can you bring those signature flairs of The Crescent City to your windows? Let us show you what Shades Shutters Blinds has in the way of New Orleans style window decor.

new orleans style windows new orleans style windows new orleans style windows

Roman Shades are another classic option if you’re looking for New Orleans style windows. They often show up in those lavishly decorated formal dining rooms. The color and pattern options above are all available for Roman Shades on our site, and will definitely give you the desired “Big Easy” look for your windows.

(Pictured from left: Dupioni Mocha Levolor Roman Shades, Classic Scroll Merlot Levolor Roman Shades, Mulberry Super Saver Roman Shades)

If you’re not looking for a red-based tone, check out these dramatic, creative colors and patterns: (left: Dupioni Light Olive, right: Modern Scroll Everglade)

levolor-roman-shades-linen-toffee-small levolor-roman-shades-modern-everglade-small

Still not seeing the New Orleans style fabric you had in mind? Check out our entire selection of Roman Shades and find a color or pattern that you think fits the Creole style.

Another signature window style in New Orleans is dramatic, extravagent drapery. While we don’t offer drapes at Shades Shutters Blinds, we do offer Roller Shades, Cellular Shades and Sheer Shades: these window treatment coordinate best with drapery.

Roller Shades can add to the elegance of your drapery, as seen below:

new orleans style windows

These Roller Shades bring out the wood in this dining room and make the dark drapery look even more dramatic with their red tone. There are many neutral shades of roller shades for those who would like to keep all the attention on their drapes but don’t want to sacrifice privacy for fashion.

If you live in area of the United States that is quite a bit colder than New Orleans, (most of us do) you may consider Cellular Shades as the perfect neutral window insulation. While keeping all eyes on your fabulous, opulent drapery; Cellular Shades will do their job quietly and efficiently. They’ll insulate your windows with their accordion-like insulating technology.

new orleans style windows

In summary, no matter where you choose to buy your window coverings from; remember the basics of New Orleans style are dramatic patterns, stand out fabrics and extravagant colors. Create your own New Orleans style windows by mixing and matching different fabrics and color patterns.

We hope this guide helps get you on your way to fabulous, Bourbon Street style window treatments!

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