Test- ST-50 Motors by Somfy

Although we have provided about 30 of these motors over the last several months, we haven’t had the opportunity to test them in person. We had a reject brought in and we decided to test it out. The Somfy ST-50 is a heavy duty roll up motor made for roller shades up to 35 pounds in weight. This system will pretty much cover all in-home window automation needs and most commercial applications for roller shades. First, the ST-50 is BIG. It measures almost two inches thick and is almost 31 inches long. It comes hardwired capable only and is very strong. Tubing starts at two inches and is made of heavy duty aluminum casing. The upgradable crown can support up to a three inch tubing.

Installation is simple. The motor slides in the tube and connects to an 7-8 pronged bracket. The cord is a three pronged, thick, 110 Volt wire. An optional plug is supplied.

Testing. The first thing you notice is the operation. It moves in a smooth, quick, motion. Most notable is the quietness of the motor. It produces a soft, pleasant humming sound that you can’t hear across the room.


  • Quite
  • Radio Controlled
  • Can tie into home automation system
  • Can handle up to 150 square feet of material
  • Able to daisy chain


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Has to be hardwired or plugged in
  • Not made for small windows
  • Programming is done by disconnecting the power which could be an issue for daisy-chained applications

Conclusion: This bad boy can handle pretty much any home application. It’s quite, smooth, and cream of the crop for motorization.

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